5 Realizations You Will Have In The First 24 Hours Of Having Your Baby

Meeting your baby after nine months of waiting is an exciting event. You will be overwhelmed with a lot of emotions. In the midst of happiness, you will also be worried about your baby’s well-being. Even though the experience is amazing, at the end of the day it can be exhausting too. You will be surprised to see that how little you know about your baby. Finally, you will realize a few things that you did not learn or expect during pregnancy.

Breastfeeding Is Indeed Tough

Those pregnancy books might have warned you about the challenges in breastfeeding. However, you may have assumed that it will come naturally. We are sure you never expected it to be this tough.


A good latch is the key to comfortable breastfeeding. If that does not happen, it might hurt you. But, your little one does not know that! It is a tough task to make him/her do that. Some may be lucky to get it right, but not everyone.

As per your knowledge, no baby will turn their back on breast milk. Well, not true always. Even if they love to latch on their mom’s breast, they may drift off. He/she does a few sucks and falls asleep. Keeping your baby awake while nursing is another challenging job for you.


Welcome Sleepless Nights

Feeding your baby every two hours is the thumb rule for the initial days. But, you might not have expected it to continue during night time also.

Yes, get ready for round-the-clock working hours where you don’t get any break. But believe us, how much ever tough it is, you will love this. Because the experience of breastfeeding your little one is an amazing feeling.


And you may love just to look at your baby and adore your little one’s beauty. Yes, your bundle of love is just so perfect!

Meet The New Super Protective Mom

Do you introduce yourself as a carefree person? No more!


Every other single movement from your baby excites you, yet worries you. Does he/she breathe properly? Does he/she get adequate milk? Is he/she hungry? Oh, new mommies, you will have enough things to worry about even when everything looks fine. You will think of walking around with a ‘baby on board’ sign so that nothing and no one will disturb your baby.

Comforting A Crying Baby Is Not That Easy

Expecting your baby to stop crying when you cradle him/her, just like those lovely commercials? Well, it may not happen all the time.


This is your little one’s first day in the world. The baby may have enough reasons to worry about as he/she comes out of the comfort world. Your baby may cry for no reasons and you may not have any idea what triggered it.

Worry not, it is normal. Do not get annoyed or concerned. Give them all your love. They will settle down in a few days time.


No One Is As Great As Your Mom

Regret all those fights with your mom? Welcome to the club of new moms!

Every woman after having their baby sees their mom as a superstar. That is when they realize the hard work their mom has done to raise them.


She runs around to take care of you, forgetting her own needs. She lends you a helping hand whenever possible. She snuggles with her grandchild. No one really cares for you as deeply as your mom. Isn’t that great?

Well, it is normal to hit a few bumps in the road on the first day. As you get ready for the roller coaster ride, worry less and enjoy more.