4 Difficult Questions To Ask Yourself If You Are Trying To Lose Weight

Losing weight requires much more than just diet and exercise. It requires persistence and willingness to not give up when things get tough. There are lots of people who follow their diets diligently and exercise regularly, but are still struggling to lose some pounds. It is not right to start blaming your will power or diet when that happens. The problem can lie elsewhere. There are lots of things that we do without our conscious knowledge that can negatively affect us. Losing weight is no different. A lot of our ‘silly’ habits can affect our weight loss process deeply and stop us from achieving our target weight.

1. Do You Hate Your Diet?

People are often put on diets that they hate. But, in order to lose weight, people take them on and then keep hoping to go back to their pre-diet days. This kind of mindset is very bad for weight loss. If you are looking at your diet as a temporary

thing, then it won’t work as you are constantly feeling bad about your food and are over-compensating by eating more. You are constantly under a mindset that you are deprived of food which is why you tend to eat more to fill that gap. So, you can choose to take a different path. Instead of sticking to a diet, you can add more good things with less calories to your diet. This way you will adopt a healthier lifestyle that you can continue with through out your life.

2. Did You Swear Off An Entire Type Of Food?

Some people change to veganism to lose weight or cut out carbohydrates or fats completely out of their diets. Making such extreme changes can often lead to unsatisfactory results. When you avoid an entire range of foods that you are used to, you cut out the nutrients that come with them. And this hack might work well for a few weeks. But this can also

create a big nutritional gap in your system that arises from avoiding an entire category of food. And soon after, you will start feeling fatigued and hungry. Your body might start craving the same foods that you prohibited yourself from eating. Hence, eating a wide range of healthy foods might be a better idea than avoiding an entire category of food.

3. Do You Have A Habit Of Overcompensating After Big Meals?

This is a very bad habit that can derail you from the track of losing weight. Do you skip breakfast and work out harder the day after a big dinner and drink extravaganza? Well, when you do that you signal your brain of ‘food deprivation’. Hence, you end up eating a lot more later in the day after you get hungry. Skipping meals will only create a vicious cycle of deprivation. If you indulge in a calorie fest, you need to make sure that you are making healthier choices later. Start

the next day with healthy breakfast and work off those calories. Don’t starve yourself to reach your target weight.

4. Are You Eating Enough Protein In The Mornings?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It helps us to kick start our day with full vigor and energy. But a lot of people start their days with oatmeal, bagel, cereal and cream cheese. These foods are a part of a balanced diet, but they sorely lack in protein. Protein is a nutrient that can keep us satiated and full for a longer time. Thereby, reducing the pangs of hunger later in the day which can lead to over-eating. Eating good amount of protein through out the day can help us in keeping our hunger in check. This will help us in avoiding unnecessary snacking that can add to our calories. Some Greek yogurt, nuts and eggs can be great add-ons to add some protein to your breakfast menu.

So, look at your

habits before feeling dejected about your weight loss. Little adjustments in our habits can make a big change.