15 Questions To Ask Before Your C-Section

The number of women opting for C-section is on the rise with each woman having her own reason. While most women who underwent a c-section will tell you it’s better than a natural birth, there are an equal number of women who had a quite horrific experience post-pregnancy. These women feel they should’ve prepared themselves and discussed with their doctors prior to taking the decision. So, if you are thinking to opt for a C-section, here is a list of questions you should ask your doctor before you finalize your decision.

1. Which Anesthesia Would Be Used?

The most commonly used anesthesia for a C-section is Epidural provided through a tube as and when required. Another method is to inject anesthesia in your spine as a one-time injection. While the injection has an instant effect, it lasts only for a few hours. Most doctors will recommend an epidural since it will help monitor your baby immediately. Know your options well and be aware of what happens in each case before you choose.


2. Can I Drink Or Eat Before Surgery?

Doctors will tell you not to ingest anything eight hours prior to your surgery. However, talk to your doctor about what you can eat and what to avoid before the surgery.

3. How Long Will The Surgery Take?

Usually, a C-section takes about 45 minutes to an hour. Be aware of the probable duration of the surgery in advance so you can prepare for after the surgery accordingly.


4. Can I Have My Husband In The Room During Surgery?

Not all hospitals allow the husband to witness the surgery or birthing process. Check with your doctor in prior if he can be present and also if he is allowed to capture the moments.

5. Can I Hold My Baby After C-Section?

Discuss skin-to-skin contact with your baby post-delivery. Skin-to-skin contact is important for your baby as it benefits your baby and also increases the success rate of breastfeeding. Since each hospital has its own process and regulations about skin-to-skin contact, check for the process in your hospital.


6. Can I Breastfeed After The Surgery?

The sutures after a C-section on your abdomen can pose a problem while breastfeeding. Ask your doctor on how you could breastfeed, if you could lie on the side or if you can formula feed your newborn. However, if you are keen on breastfeeding, let your doctor know in prior.

7. When Will I Be Discharged?

The new mother is discharged four days after the C-section generally, but if the mother wants a hysterectomy, the doctors might keep you in the hospital for a longer period. So, if you are thinking about sterilization, make sure to inform your doctor about it.


8. How Much Time Should I Rest After C-Section?

The standard rest time after a C-section is two to three months. But, some mothers may require more time to heal depending on their health conditions. Mothers with gestational diabetes and obesity might have to rest longer than other moms.

9. How Can Abdominal Strain Be Avoided?

Refrain from any physical stress or pressure on the abdomen. the lower the pressure on your abdomen, the faster and better the healing process. Check with your doctor before you resume your exercise or household chores. Excess pressure on the abdomen after a C-section can at times lead to a hernia.


10. Can I Use Birth Control Methods?

though you might not be in the right mindset to have sex with a newborn and the physical strain of a C-section, it is better to be informed about sex protection and if birth control methods are safe to use.

11. What About Weight Loss?

Weight loss post-pregnancy is a huge deal and many firms out there claim the promise of weight-loss with their herbal tea or capsules. Talk to your doctor before you try any teas, belts or capsules for weight loss.


12. Will The Scar Lighten?

Eventually, your scar may lighten but it will not vanish as such. So, have a talk with your doctor about what you can do about it.

13. Can I Get A Massage?

Massages are a good way to relieve post-partum stress. But, consult your doctor about the kind of massages you can opt for after delivery and also ask about the allowed duration of the massage.


14. Will I Have A C-Section For The Second Baby Also?

If you are planning on having a second baby, vaginal births are possible even if you underwent a C-section the first time. But, check with your doctor if your body is fit and healthy for a natural birth and talk about reducing the chances of a C-section.

15. Other Questions You Can Ask

  • How much time will it take for the stitches to heal?
  • What are the after effects of a C-section?
  • What happens during a C-section?
  • What happens if the anesthesia wears off during the surgery?

Even after clearing all these doubts, there is a chance where you would need something in the last minute. You may have some questions in the last minute, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor. Also, sometimes things might not go as planned and there is nothing to worry about. Stay relaxed and be positive.