7 Questions A Dad-To-Be Should Never Ask His Pregnant Partner

Dads-to-be, welcome to the world of pregnancy. You might be surprised or panicked to see the new avatar of your wife. She may laugh at one moment and cries next moment. Even a sappy commercial can make her emotional. We know that you have your own concerns to deal with. But, remember that your partner has a bigger responsibility as she carries your bundle of joy.

To keep your partner’s spirits high, it is vital to take care of her well. And it is equally important to stop asking her unnecessary questions. Wondering what are they? We will help you with a few questions that you should never ask your pregnant partner. Well, read it so that you will have a peaceful and happy nine months.


Why Are You So Moody?

Thanks to crazy hormones. You will get used to seeing your wife happy, sad, disappointed, angry, or frustrated. Dads-to-be, experience them, witness them. But, never ever ask her why she is like this. Most pregnant women experience these hormonal changes and associated consequences. Even they are equally worried or confused about the dramatic mood swings of pregnancy, just like you. So, don’t make it worse by asking them about it.

Are You Really That Sick?

Oh, vomiting and nausea make her weak. Sometimes she will be bedridden during the first weeks of pregnancy. Since you don’t experience them, it’s natural for you to suspect her level of tiredness. Understand that nurturing a baby in the tummy is not an easy job. Imagine vomiting or getting nauseous every moment you sense smell or taste food. But still, you can’t skip foods as you need to feed a little life! How tough is that! That is what your partner go through now. So never ask her, ‘Are you really that sick?’


Is This Part Of Pregnancy?

Agreed that you are concerned about her. You also might be panicked or overwhelmed seeing the changes your partner has to go through for nine months. You will be tempted to make sure that whatever happens to her is normal and expected as part of pregnancy. Well, no harm in having that thought. But, do not think of asking her or discussing with her your concerns and raising her anxiety level.

Do You Want ‘It’ Now?

Yes, pregnancy cravings! Don’t even bother to look at the time or wonder at the choice of her food. It comes at weird times. And as far as her food choices are concerned, you will not be able to relate to her pre-pregnancy tastes. She will have new favorites at this time. So, the best move is to act quickly and take up the mission to satisfy her cravings, instead of questioning the timing and the choice.


Will You Gain More Weight?

Be very careful, this is a very touchy topic to a pregnant woman. Your partner is bound to gain weight as she takes care of your little love. She herself doesn’t like the way she looks during pregnancy. Extra pounds, swollen legs, growing belly, and discomforts that accompany them – she has so much to worry about now. Don’t trouble her more with your weight-related queries. And never ever ask her about post-pregnancy weight loss plans. We warn you that it will be a very bad idea!

Why Do You Want To Pee Often?

Irritated that she takes breaks often to go to the restroom when both of you watch your favorite TV show? Again, hormonal changes and her growing tummy are the culprits. The expanding uterus puts so much pressure on her bladder, thus, increasing her trips to the loo. Well, this is not so fascinating for her too. She would love to reduce her fluid intake to reduce this frequent urination. But, she does not have the liberty to do that as staying hydrated is very important during pregnancy. So, dads, understand the science behind it and stop bothering her with such unnecessary questions.


Can’t You Walk Fast?

‘Hurry up” – before you say this to your pregnant partner, think twice. With a big tummy and a growing baby inside that, she may tend to waddle. You can’t expect anything else from an expectant mom who carries that extra weight. You may probably get a good stare from her if you want her to walk fast.