Dessert Indulgence: Healthy Cake And Pudding Recipes

Craving for that luscious, light, and silky cheesecake sans sugar? What if we told you we have a recipe not just for a fine cheesecake (strawberry at that!) but puddings too. Indulge in desserts without the guilt.

Satiate those cravings with these delicious, delectable cake and pudding recipes that replace refined sugar with natural sweeteners like honey and healthier substitutes like carrots, beets, chia seeds, avocados, coffee and coconut! (Vegan, gluten-free and paleo recipes!)

Drooling much? Then get that oven cranked up and get started!

Paleo Carrot Cake With Vanilla Icing


Carrots have been used in sweet cakes since the medieval period, during which sweeteners were scarce and expensive, while carrots, which contain more sugar than any other vegetable besides the sugar beet, were much easier to come by and were used to make sweet desserts. Read this easy to follow recipe instructions to make a delicious paleo carrot cake with vanilla frosting.

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Yummy Mini Strawberry Cheesecake Recipe


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This amazing cheesecake recipe starts with a press-in crumb crust that is filled with a batter made with cream cheese, yogurt, and a dash of lemon juice for a balance of sweet and tart. It is topped up with freshly prepared sweet and chunky strawberry sauce and diced strawberries. This mini dessert can be placed in a freezer safe dish for enjoying at a later date.

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Can You Make Beetroot Chocolate Cake?


The combination of beetroot with chocolate works beautifully together to make a rich, moist and sumptuous ‘Beetroot Chocolate Cake’. Not only does beetroot improve its moisture content, it also adds a sugar boost to the cake, increasing the sweetness. Thus, we get a craveable deep chocolate flavor with the benefit of beetroot’s wide range of health boosting qualities.

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Coconut Coffee Cake Recipe


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This yummy coconut coffee cake satisfies the ‘need’ for bread, but does not require any grain flour. The sugar content is minimal and the goodness of natural nutrient-dense ingredients qualifies it actually as healthy food. It goes really well with your daily cup of coffee, but like everything else please enjoy in moderation!

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Pure Bliss Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe


Just because you do not eat dairy or eggs does not mean you need to miss out on life’s special treats, like these ridiculously rich and deliciously dense chocolate cupcakes. Some brownie recipes use black beans as the binder; in this recipe heart-healthy avocados fill that role. (Warning: If chocolate is your Achilles’ heel, you may be in trouble – these are crazy addictive!)

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Vegan Peanut Butter Cheesecake Cups Recipe


The struggle to give up

favorite foods like cheese and butter could be very challenging for countless aspiring vegans. However, this peanut butter cheesecake recipe for vegans could easily rescue ones cravings for cheese, chocolate and butter. Though very rich but very delicious as well, this is one of those recipes that even non-vegans would love it. It has both nut-free and gluten-free options.

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Dairy And Gluten-Free Coconut Mango Chia Pudding


Have you ever been to a Thai restaurant and had the coconut mango sticky rice for dessert? This chia pudding tastes just like that! It is heaven. Best of all, it is super easy to put together, dairy-free, gluten-free, free of refined sugar, and, of course, full of all kinds of nutritious goodness. This super delicious ‘Coconut Mango Chia Pudding’ will soon be on your list of favorite make-ahead breakfasts, desserts or snacks. It is simply great for any time of the day!

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Raw Cacao Pudding Recipe – Cleansing With A Yummy


Ditch the diets, which only leads to deprivation anyway. Instead, try a gentle cleanse where you eat whole, nourishing foods that will help you restore your body’s balance and decrease unwanted inflammation. This pudding recipe will give you increased energy, reduced brain-fog, and less bloat. Check out the recipe soon!

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Recipe For French Toast Bread Pudding


This is an amazing recipe for a super low calorie, fiber filled, and really flavorful french toast. Most recipes like this one would run you 500+ calories for 1-2 slices of french toast, but this recipe gives you a HUGE portion for less than 150 calories!

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