10 Psychological Tricks To Lose Weight

10 Psychological Tricks to Lose More Weight
10 Psychological Tricks to Lose More Weight

Research has found that we can trick our minds into eating less food but can still feel satisfied. These psychological tricks have been used by countless people to lose and maintain weight. Try them out for yourself as you work to lose the pounds.

1. Ask Yourself Questions

As you are reaching for a cookie, ask yourself if it’s worth the calories. Also ask yourself if it’s better to eat that one cookie or a full bowl of chili later. Usually, you will remind yourself that eating healthy foods means you get to eat more. It will also be much more satisfying than just one cookie. Another great question to ask yourself is, “Do I need this or want it?” If you want it, leave it. If you need it, eat it.


2. Always Leave Food On Your Plate

For years, parents have told children to “clean your plate.” This is such a bad lesson. You do not have to clean your plate. You can always save what you leave behind for later or the next day. So change your mind set in that you need to eat everything that you put on your plate. Take as much as you need and leave the rest for when you need to eat again.

3. Gamify It

Play a little game with yourself to see how close you can get your ideal calorie amount each day. It can be fun to figure out what you can and cannot eat to stay within range. Your mind will be having so much fun, it won’t even realize you’re eating less.


4. Create Food Aversions

Love the Big Mac but hate that it can completely ruin your diet? Look up information online about how it’s made and horror stories from McDonald’s employees. It will likely keep you from wanting to it which means you’ll be able to use those calories to eat a lot more healthy foods.

5. Pay Attention To What You Are Eating

Many people will watch TV or sit in front of the computer while eating. They end up eating way more than they would have if they paid attention. When you eat, taste what you are eating and pay attention to your stomach. You will likely feel satisfied long before you’re finished with your plate.


6. Use A Smaller Plate

Modern portion sizes are the biggest struggle people have when trying to lose weight. When you use a smaller plate, you can fit as much food on it. You will think you’re eating a lot of food because the plate will be full. Just don’t go back for seconds!

7. Psych Yourself Up For Eating Less

When you are about to have a meal, tell yourself that you are going to eat something really delicious and that it’s going to fill you up. Just telling yourself this will put you in the right frame of mind to really think that your healthy food is good. You will also feel fuller much sooner.


8. Match The Tablecloth To The Dishware

Researchers have found people will take less food if they eat off the same color plate as their tablecloth. They hypothesize that it has to do with eliminating the Delboeuf illusion effect – making the plate less noticeable.

9. Drink Calorie-Filled Drinks From Tall Glasses

A taller glass that isn’t wide will hold less than a wider one, but it will look bigger. This makes people think they are drinking way more than they really are which is good for drinks that contain a lot of calories.


10. Use A Bigger Fork

A bigger fork may hold more food, but you won’t believe your mouth can fit it all so you end up taking smaller bites. People with smaller forks often take bigger bits because of the illusion that there isn’t a lot of food on smaller forks.

Try these tricks when you’re trying to lose weight. They may help you so much that you’ll be surprised by how much easier it is to diet.