3 Proven Ways To Deal With Stress Effectively

Stress can alleviated with powerful and practical changes in life.)

With the competitive way of life growing fast, it is of no doubt that chronic stress is rising with time. Be it due to the global and political affairs, demanding work conditions, addiction to technology, or the pressure of personal life, stress has affected all areas of our daily lives. If you leave your stress unchecked, symptoms of stress such as weight gain, anxiety, adrenal fatigue, depression, IBS, and many others can actually wreak havoc in your body and affect your life terribly.

We always find ways to deal with stress by following balanced diets, meditating, practicing stress-related exercises, or visiting the spa and getting massages. However, these ways to deal with stress have been found to combat stress only for a short while. To keep stress away, you need powerful and practical strategies that bring positive vibes to your life, create calmness around you, and alleviate anxiety effectively. Look at these 3 ways that can help you combat chronic stress.

1st Strategy: Eat Healthier Than Ever

(Reduce the sugar intake and increase the intake of vitamins, proteins, and healthy fats.

In stress, you often end up downing a lot of alcohol or tucking into desserts and ice-cream scoops. Do not do it. Even if your body craves for sugar, avoid it. Instead, treat yourself with a go-to meal that helps you re-energize your mind and refreshes your body.

This is because stress raises your blood sugar levels and redirects glucose automatically into your bloodstream. We are already doing desk jobs most of the time that often lead to mood swings, depression, type 2 diabetes, weight gain, and other health issues. So, sugar is the last thing our body wants during stressful days. Instead, prioritize on a low-sugar or sugar-free diet, and include a lot of healthy fats, vegetables, leafy greens, and a moderate amount of fruits and protein.

What You Need To Eat

Have 2 to 3 cups of dark leafy greens such as a spinach smoothies, kale chips, broccoli, silver beet, or asparagus. Add some protein to it such as slow-cooked lamb or wild salmon that are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Add roasted vegetables to the meal. You may use carrots, potatoes, parsnips, etc. as these root foods will help you feel grounded. Top this meal with nutritious fats such as coconut oil, olive oil, butter, or ghee. Himalayan sea salt has shown to reduce stress and replenish the sodium levels, so sprinkle it over your food. Enjoy this tasty, healthy, and highly stress-relieving meal.

2nd Strategy: Let Your Energy Flow

Make free-flow movements and breathe in and out through your nose

Stress behaves like blocked energy in the body; it is something that needs to flow out of the body to help you be at ease with yourself. These blockages often show up as locked jaws, stiff neck, headaches, back pain, skin problems, digestive issues, etc. to name a few physical ones. They also often manifest as emotional and mental problems such as anxiety, insomnia, anger, unexplained whining, memory lapses, panic attacks, restlessness, and self-judgment habits. These issues can be tackled with movements that help you unwind, release blocked energies, and calm down, relax, and rejuvenate.

This is because stress and intense physical exercise can exhaust you. So, let the movements be gentle; you can perform low and slow movements that connect your body with your respiratory system that help you pull anxiety out.

What You Need To Do

1. Place your hands on your knees. Twist yourself either ways to arch your spine, and then, sway your hips on either side.

2. Sit with your hips on your heels and pull back forward to your hands and knees. Repeat it a few times.

3. Sit comfortably with your chin along your collarbone and move from right to left. Shrug your shoulders and in both ways, make big circles.

4. Stand on your feet and let yourself sway and circle. If necessary, put some music on and sway to its beats. Stand still, close your eyes, and feel the vibration of your breath. Let your body relax completely and stay connected to your body.

3rd Strategy: Listen To What Stresses You Out

By now, you must know that stress does not get you; it tries to protect you by making you realize that you are facing certain problems. Stress itself is not a problem, the causes that make you feel stressed are the problems. This is the reason you must pause and do something differently to get rid of stress. Identify the cause of your stress and learn to deal with them. This will help you get a permanent solution to combat stress.

What You Must Do

When you notice symptoms of stress, stop there and practice the following steps:

1. Place your hand over your heart, inhale and exhale through your nose deeply, and feel the heart expanding as you breathe.

2. Ask yourself why you feel what you are feeling.

3. Keep breathing and let the answer move from your body to your mind. The answers can vary such as “get a nap”, “talk”, “go and socialize”, “cancel the plan”, “drink water”, “go for a change in career”, etc. If you do not discover your answer, do not worry. These steps will give you the required answer in the long run, and this exercise will calm you down incredibly.

Next time you spend a stressful period in life, follow these three strategies and notice how massive positive changes happen in your life and keep you strong and calm.