8 Hacks To Increase Your Productivity

How to increase your productivity.

Yes, we’re talking about “one of those days” where you have a dozen of incomplete tasks, and you don’t feel competent enough to complete any of them. Be it getting your laundry done or submitting an important work project, everything seems like an uphill task, and procrastination is your go-to option. This list is here to help you sail through your to-do list, and drastically increase your productivity.

8 Productivity Hacks

Over a period of time, these 8 hacks can help you maximize your productivity.

1. Pomodoro Technique

The pomodoro technique can help you manage time better.

According to this time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo, you can be more productive if you break your work into time blocks of 25 minutes. We often fail to complete our tasks because our mind is easily distracted. However, by working on one task for 25 minutes and giving it your undivided attention, you’re more focused on the task, and are likely to finish it on time. Taking a small break after

the 25-minute time span will help you regain energy and be ready for the next work slot.1

2. Reward Yourself For Every Completed Task

For every finished task, reward yourself.

Once you finish the laundry or complete the project, give yourself a little treat – be it watching TV or eating a cup of ice cream. By rewarding yourself for every completed task, your mind looks forward to the treat, forcing you to quickly finish the task at hand. This helps you manage your time better, and be more productive.

3. The Two-Minute Rule

If a task needs only two minutes, do it.

More often than not, our daily chores, such as throwing the trash or making the bed, do not take up more than two minutes. The rule is, if

your task can be completed within two minutes, do not procrastinate it. Completing that task takes only two minutes – you can finish it fast, and immediately return to whatever you were doing before!

4. Use Post-Its

Post-its can help you organize better.

The joy of striking off a completed task from the post-it note is immense. Post-its remind of your tasks, helping you sort and prioritize them. Noting down the details of a task on a post-it can reduce the chances of you forgetting it.

5. Do A Task Matrix

Do a task matrix to finish your tasks on time.

Divide your tasks into four categories:

  • Important, urgent (submitting a project report)
  • Important, not urgent (Buying new sheets)
  • Not important, urgent (Attending phone calls)
  • Not important, not urgent (Checking Facebook)

By categorizing your tasks in this manner, the amount of pending work won’t overwhelm you, helping you complete all your high-priority tasks.


Implement the kaizen principle.

If you’re trying to study a new subject or inculcate a new or difficult practice, don’t directly delve into it. Begin by doing the activity for one minute a day, and gradually increase the time span. By doing it for one-minute, the activity won’t seem so difficult, and will increase your confidence level.2

7. Learn To Say “No”

Learn to say no.

Because of our fear to say “no”, we tend to take on more work than we can possibly do. If you feel that there is no way you can accommodate time for a particular task, just don’t take it up. Whether it is running an errand for a friend, or meeting a coworker for dinner, if you do not have time for it, learn to politely refuse.

8. Eat
Healthy And Stay Hydrated

Eat good food and drink enough water.

Thanks to our dynamic lifestyle, we often resort to processed food. Some of the foods can make us lethargic, tired, and bring down our productivity levels. To keep the body and the mind active, it is essential to eat healthy, and stay hydrated.3

Use these 8 techniques in your personal and professional life, and grow to be more productive!