A Pregnant Lady’s Guide To Eating Right When Dining Out

With a plate full of restrictions being served your way during pregnancy, it is difficult satiating your taste buds by simply cooking and eating at home. Pregnancy doesn’t mean you can’t relish the cuisines offered by popular restaurants or grab a bite at the contemporary cafe’s that has recently opened next to your house—it is enticing to pamper yourself with some good food.

However, moms must have to be vigilant when they eat outside—the risk of catching an infection always lurks around the corner and you don’t want to take any risk at this stage.

Here are some points that you should consider before you head out to eat.

Choose The Right Restaurant

It is important that you choose a place that has a reputation of serving good and hygienic food. Make sure the restaurant is airy and cool instead of dark and congested. You must also glance at their menu—some places aren’t gastronomical friendly and make a deal of tingling with your taste buds and messing with your tummy.


Make sure the place offers a variety of choices and serves foods that are appetizing as well as easy on your stomach.

The service also needs to be considered—you might want some specifics to your food like well-cooked meat or sauce picks other than mayo. They must also be fervent in serving a fussy customer—blame the pregnancy for that.


Order Foods That Are Easy On Your Stomach

You must be picky about your food during this time. Leave the super spicy soups or sauces for some other time.

Raw non-vegetarian foods like sushi, soft-boiled eggs, oysters, clams, and mayo sauce should be avoided—it could carry the risk of infection. Make sure the meat or sea food that you order is cooked very well.


Avoid foods that contain too much sugar. Once in a while is okay—regular eating could pave a way for gestational diabetes. Say no to foods that are deep fried. If you often eat out and gorge upon finger chips, chances are your food is pushing you towards obesity.

Alcohol should ring an alarm in your head—refuse it in style. Order a lemon juice or a milkshake—mind the sugar content though. Ask the waiter to add less sugar or leave a sachet for you to add on your own. Remember your coffee intake should be no more than 200 milligrams per day—order a decaffeinated coffee or a herbal tea instead. Drink only mineral water—water can be the easiest medium for germs to spread, prevent any risks of water-borne diseases.


Soups And salads are your best friends. Order a bowl of vegetable, lentil, tomato or bean soup, but specify you don’t want cream soups. Prefer those made with milk or yogurt instead of cream or butter. Make sure the milk they use is pasteurized.

Go for whole-grain bread and brown rice to fill up your tummy. Steamed or sauteed vegetables, baked potatoes, yogurt, grilled chicken, grilled meat like Fajita, a Tuna sandwich, or a Greek omelet could be a part of your healthy choices.


It is best to fill up your tummy and leave little or no space in your tummy before it is time for the desert. Still, if you have a sweet tooth, try deserts in limited quantities.

Ask for a piece of eggless cake to be on the safer side. Sorbets made with real fruit, not artificial flavors can be a good choice if eaten in moderation—be wary of the sugar quantity. Tantalize your taste buds with flavored Greek yogurts, chocolate covered peanuts, mint-chocolate frappe. Dig into a fruit custard sans sugar.


Eat In Moderate Proportions

Eating outside may want you to gorge upon food—don’t listen to your eyes and noses, pay attention to your stomach. Avoid getting carried by your temptation and eat in smaller amounts. Ask for only a half portion of the serving if the restaurant provides it, else, share your food with the one in your company. You won’t want to cope with the symptoms of indigestion along with the nasty pregnancy symptoms of nausea and heartburn.

Your health is of utmost importance—try getting into a habit of eating home cooked food. Always carry some healthy snacks with you like fruits to deal with pregnancy cravings. Eating in between meals will help limit your intake of outside feel and prevent you from stuffing food like a hungry pregnant lady.

Remember, the food that you eat becomes the source of nutrition for your baby as well. Have a happy and healthy pregnancy.