7 Pregnancy Products You Can’t Live Without


Comfort is the next thing you look for during pregnancy after considering health and safety. Little fixes in your lifestyle can ease your daily activities—be it long strolls or even a good sleep—which may otherwise turn into a challenge. Here are 7 products and hacks you would love to include in your pregnancy regime, and relieve yourself from the everyday anguish.

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1. Pregnancy Pillows

pregnancy-pillows:7 Pregnancy Products You Can't Live Without

Pregnancy pillows support your spine and hips and help relax your muscles. There is nothing wrong if you sleep without one, but you can surely feel more comfortable using them. Also, you need not worry about mistakenly sleeping on your stomach, as they restrict you from tossing and turning at night. Use them after pregnancy for nursing your baby with ease.


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2. Belly Bands

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Pregnant women may love belly bands. A big baby belly causes women to develop an annoying back and joint pain. For a few, it may even be difficult to carry out their daily activities. The band’s basic purpose it to support your belly and reduce the pain. It also promotes a proper posture by supporting the lower back and the torso.

Note: It is advisable to consult your doctor on the proper usage of these bands as too much compression on the belly can hinder the blood circulation and cause hurt burn and indigestion.


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3. Morning Sickness Relievers

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Morning sickness is the most common pregnancy symptom. Frequent munching on healthy snacks like nuts, fruits, and salads can help curb it. Apart from that, women also use wristbands to keep nausea and vomiting at bay. Usually, people use it to prevent sea sickness, but they are also effective in decreasing signs of morning sickness in pregnant women.1

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4. Pregnancy Bra Solutions

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Mothers don’t have to worry about buying new bras every two weeks in a trimester. Bra-extenders can help adjust your lingerie band length according to your size. They are relatively cheaper and are easily available in fabric stores. During pregnancy, the underwires can cause discomfort, so avoid them. Measure your size before buying a bra. Make sure it fits you comfortably within the first hook’s stretch and can be adjusted later.


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5. Flip-Flops And Slide-On Shoes

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Chances are, your swollen feet will outgrow your show size. Comfy footwear to buy during pregnancy include flip-flops and slide-on shoes—they won’t need you to bend down to stick the straps or tie the laces. While buying one, opt for soft and cushiony soles.

Note: Avoid wearing heels during pregnancy to reduce the risk of a terrible backache.

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6. Wardrobe Extenders

wardrobe-extenders: 7 Pregnancy Products You Can't Live Without

Just like your bra size, your body will also experience changes. But, would you actually buy all those maternity dresses and give your wardrobe a complete makeover? Maybe. Yet, some pregnancy tips and hacks can come in handy here. For instance, use waistbands or Bella bands, that supports your denims if they no longer get buttoned up. A rubber band can also be looped through the buttonhole to provide an extra inch or two. Wear stretchable tank tops, over-sized shirts borrowed from your partner, and camisoles paired with a jacket as alternative clothing.

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7. Stretchable Leggings And Yoga Pants

stretchable-leggings-and-yoga-pants : 7 Pregnancy Products You Can't Live Without

What can be the next good thing after pajamas, to wear when you go out?–Cotton leggings and yoga pants! They are comfortable and can be easily paired up with long shirts, sweaters, and other maternity dresses. These leggings are easy to put on and stretch easily as your belly grows.

Some women prefer to spend an extra buck on the most comfortable items, while others manage their daily activities in a smart and cost-effective way. Most mothers tend to discover their own hacks around these things and manage their pregnancies very well.