Soon-To-Be Dad? 22 Things You Should Know About Pregnancy Now!

Pregnant women deal with a variety of emotions and feelings, but most first-time dads also have their own feelings and concerns to deal with. You are counting down days until you become a dad, a life-changing experience.

But do you know what exactly your partner expects during pregnancy? Although, we are sure most of you wonderful soon-to-be dads would be helping out your pregnant partner without sulking or whining, here are some things you need to do to keep your pregnant partner happy and stress-free.


Things Every Guy Should Know About Pregnancy

1. Right after you announce the pregnancy news, she is the center of attention, IT IS NOT YOU! Understand that clearly. (We know the pain, all you dads-to-be!)

2. Your partner’s hormones will ebb and flow like ocean waves. Did you just breathe a sigh of relief thinking that you have figured her out? – BAM, it strikes again! This is so true during the first trimester.


3. The first trimester is full of nausea, morning sickness, dizziness, and mood swings. You need to add more responsibilities to your list to help around the house.

4. Anything your pregnant partner says – just agree with it. Yes of course, unless she says don’t. Be prepared.


5. She is going to confuse you. She would say she is going to use a birthing center, no no, a midwife, no no absolutely not, a doctor. She would want an epidural, of course not, she can tolerate pain, she doesn’t want one. She will scream the gut out for an epidural. C-sections sound good, nope, it is awful. Now, do you get the point? Aren’t you confused?

6. Unless her gynecologist has advised her otherwise, you are not going to hurt the baby during sexual encounters. Many women have an increased sex drive during the second trimester. Note – not all, it is ‘many’ women. Hope your partner is one of them. Pregnant sex is amazing!


7. What is the matter with her growing breasts? Holy Molly! In the first trimester, she will be like a new mom protecting her baby, acting defensively with her boobs which may be too sore. The next trimester is what we were speaking about in point no 6.

8. Reality strikes now. Her cravings are real. Don’t fret if she asks you for a honey-dipped popcorn in the middle of the night. Just smile and run for it.


9. Paternity leave and other options at your workplace should be discussed well ahead of time.

10. Accompany your partner to all appointments with the doctor and her birthing classes. Even if you are not interested, you are not going to miss it.


11. Learn everything about pregnancy, birth, c-sections, water birth, how to deliver a baby in an emergency, medications, and everything to do with pregnancy. Knowing things always helps.

12. Discuss the baby names and do not fight or argue for a name. Agree mutually and be happy about choosing a name. Your baby is going to live with it forever.


13. Foot massages are heavenly. But it is not for you, we are talking about giving your pregnant partner a foot massage and pamper.

14. No pregnant woman likes to hear that she is big, moody, and huge. Always appreciate the beauty. Tell her it is pregnancy glow, she is sexy, and needs to believe it!

15. If you are scared and confused about becoming a dad, do not worry. You are not alone. Get advice and support from friends and family. Do not hesitate to discuss.

16. Try and manage to balance between work and personal life. Start from the beginning of pregnancy, so it would be easier when the baby is out.

17. A babymoon sounds exciting. It is a romantic trip to bond with your partner very well before the baby arrives. Speak about everything and be prepared. This will refresh you both from the stress of pregnancy.

18. You have to be ready for the big day to be at your partner’s side in the hospital. Remember the route to the hospital, keep your car ready, hospital bag packed, prepare the contact list and be ready with adequate finances.

19. You will not buy clothes for yourself for a year.

20. Understand very well about labor, contractions, and complications. Discuss and know what your partner wants and make informed decisions in case of emergency.

21. When the baby comes, be clear, we repeat, be clear – your baby and your partner are the center of attention. You will be glad that you had nine months to practice going unnoticed.

22. You will be surprised and amazed how well you can function on so little sleep.

That is pregnancy for you. Be your partner’s friend, understand the mood swings, emotions, and be a companion to share the pregnancy journey. Listening to her will only increase the bond.