Pregnancy: 10 Expectations Vs. Reality

If you have all heard stories about wonderful, comfortable, and blissful pregnancies from friends and family, hold your thoughts right there! Every pregnancy is different. No two people are alike. Each pregnant woman may look alike yet they are so different. Some women just breeze through their pregnancy, for others – it’s just the opposite!

Check out the comparison of the pregnancy expectations vs. hard reality.


10 Pregnancy Expectations Vs. Reality

1. Morning Sickness

Expectation: I am going to be sick as a dog with this whole morning sickness thing.

Reality: Not every pregnant woman will go through morning sickness phase. You might smooth sail the whole pregnancy – like morning sickness doesn’t exist. If you are really lucky, you will not be sick even for a day. But, pregnancy is very exhausting and tires you out very easily. It is a grueling experience even if you skip out on morning sickness.


2. Food Cravings

Expectation: Pregnancy cravings are no joke. I am going to eat every possible weird food that I crave because I’ll enjoy indulging in those cravings and my partner will find it sweet.

Reality: While your partner is sleeping peacefully, you run from your bedroom to the kitchen counter to drag every possible box out to stop those horrible midnight cravings. It’s not even remotely funny or sweet!


3. Glow

Expectation: I am going to glow like an angel. Feel very healthy and radiate beautiful skin. Instantly, everyone will get to know that I am pregnant.

Reality: Pimples, boils, brown lines, rashes, redness, under eye bags and what not? These are the effects of pregnancy and where is the glow?


4. Compliments Galore

Expectation: Comments from people – OMG, you’re pregnant? You look glowing, radiant, and beautiful.

Reality: Random annoying questions by strangers – How far long, chubby? You just seem so big. Are you sure that you don’t have a cyst in there, too?


5. Maternity Wear

Expectation: I will wear every possible maternity style of the season and carry it off so well.

Reality: At the end of the day, you would just not care about anything. Wear clothes that are loose and comfy enough that would cover your bump and back.


6. Maternity Photos

Expectation: Will be wearing beautiful dresses and frolicking in the fields posing for the cutest maternity shoot ever!

Reality: It will neither happen nor will you bother to shoot one! That’s just the hard truth.


7. Body Shape

Expectation: I would never be bothered about my weight for once in my life. Whatever I eat is for the baby, who cares about the extra pounds?

Reality: When you look at yourself in the mirror and your bottom seems to be bigger than your baby bump, you will lose your heart.

8. Nursery Decoration

Expectation: I will arrange the nursery with all cute things that my baby would never want to move out of that room.

Reality: Being so tired to even move your body to get things done, you’ll end up doing nothing. Besides, your baby would never sleep there until they go to high school anyway!

9. Baby Names

Expectation: I would give my baby the unique name possible. I would even name every baby with the same name.

Reality: For all you know, people might comment, “Oh! Is that what you call unique. Time to unearth some really perfect names for your next one – if you ever have another one!”

10. Emotional State

Expectation: I would be blissful, radiant, and ever smiling through the pregnancy which I will remember till eternity.

Reality: You would be an emotional wreck with your hormones playing spoilsport all the time. You would not even remember how the days went by.

Don’t let the TV stories fool you ladies. Pregnancy isn’t as much fun as you had expected.