8 Pregnancy Dreams and What They Mean

pregnant woman dreaming:8 Pregnancy Dreams and What They Mean


Dreams are stories your mind creates when you are asleep. They allow you to go beyond your conscious awareness to comprehend the thoughts and emotions you would have felt when awake. An average person has 3 to 5 dreams each night, the ones during the rapid-eye movement (REM) stage of sleep being the most vivid. Since expecting mothers tend to wake up more often during the night, they go through several phases of REM sleep. During pregnancy, vivid, weird, and frightening dreams are quite common. They can be a result of hormonal fluctuations that affect the intensity of emotions. Your fear and anxiety of giving birth often manifest into nightmares, which should not be considered premonitions of something bad to come. Here are a few pregnancy dreams and what each one of them mean.


1. Water

Water: 8 Pregnancy Dreams and What They Mean

During the first trimester, your amniotic sac fills up with fluid. During this phase, dreams about water and other fluids

are quite common. They show that you are aware of the changes your body is going through. Dreaming about dark, murky water means that you are unsure about your feelings regarding your pregnancy, and swimming in water could mean that you are trying to connect with your baby. Dreams about huge tidal waves and turbulent waters mean that you can go through an emotional change in your near future.


2. Conception

COnception: 8 Pregnancy Dreams and What They Mean

In the early stages of pregnancy, you can have metaphorical dreams associated with conception, such as, receiving a big, juicy peach from a stranger or a small fish implanting itself in a river bed. It shows that you consider your pregnancy a fruit of love and want to nurture your baby when it is born.


3. Gender Of The Baby

Baby gender: 8 Pregnancy Dreams and What They Mean

Dreaming about

the sex of your baby is not a prediction of the actual sex. It means that you are having gender issues. Everyone has a certain gender they prefer, and your dreams indicate that preference even though you may not realize it.


4. Going Into Labor

Labor: 8 Pregnancy Dreams and What They Mean

During the third trimester, you might have weird dreams about going into labor in public or giving birth in an unexpected situation. This could depict your concerns about things not going according to plan or your excitement to meet your baby. Giving birth in a calm situation depicts that you have harbored the skills and knowledge necessary to bring the fruit of your womb into the world.


5. Giving Birth To An Animal Or An Alien

Animals: 8 Pregnancy Dreams and What They Mean

Dreaming about giving birth to a puppy or a kitten is

not a sign of deformity. It is actually your mind’s way of making the idea of birth more manageable. It is a way of preparing you for the responsibilities of being a parent. Dreaming of giving birth to an alien indicates your uncertainty about how your little one is going to be.


6. Going On A Trip

Pregnant woman on trip: 8 Pregnancy Dreams and What They Mean

Dreaming about taking a trip is symbolic of the long journey you are about to embark on as a parent. Walking while on that trip means that you will take your pregnancy one step at a time, and running means that you already know how to take care of your little one. Driving a car means that you have ambitions for it, and flying a plane means that you have some ideas about how you want to raise it.


7. Forgetting The Baby

Abandoned baby: 8 Pregnancy Dreams and What They Mean

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If you dream about leaving your baby unattended or forgetting it completely, you might be concerned about what you will be giving up in life. It also shows your fears about not being an adequate caregiver.


8. Harming Your Newborn

Frightened Newborn: 8 Pregnancy Dreams and What They Mean

Dreams about injuring your little one are very unpleasant and cause you to wake up in a panic. Such dreams are normal and depict your internal fear of not being a good mother. Studies have shown that such dreams predict shorter labors with lesser complications. They help prepare your body for the stress you will experience during labor. If your dreams are too sadistic, you should talk to people close to you or a psychiatrist.

Pregnancy can take you on an emotional roller coaster ride. Your body copes with all these emotions through dreams. Do not be hard on yourself if you have nightmares regarding

the safety of your child. They neither predict actual harm and nor are an indication of you not being good enough. Read up and prepare yourself to handle the changes your life will go through as a parent. Being prepared will counteract negative emotions.