Pregnancy Body Pillow – Should You Buy It Or Not?

Pregnant women struggling to sleep is a common challenge. If you have been hearing it out the millionth time from someone to enjoy sleeping while you still could, just say – listen up, people! It is weird and ominous, and you cannot say that, because it is quite uncomfortable for a pregnant woman with severe sciatica ripping through the nerve endings down the butt when the hip bones ground the mattress. Get it?

So, what can you do about it? Get yourself a body pillow. If you are wondering how does it help during pregnancy, you better change the thought to what cannot the mighty body pillow do for you?


Yes, as your belly grows during pregnancy, supporting your back, hips, and the belly becomes difficult. Special pregnancy body pillows are designed to fit the changing contours of your body.

Advantages Of Pregnancy Body Pillow

  • A pregnancy body pillow lets you sleep longer.
  • Doctors recommend body pillows for improved blood circulation.
  • With the cushioned support, you can find it easier to sleep on sides.
  • Pain in the back can be considerably reduced.
  • Many pregnancy body pillows are large C or U shaped, this is designed for you to curl up inside and let the pillow support your body.
  • Even after the baby arrives, the pillow can be used while breastfeeding. Some U-shaped pillows can be hooked together to make it into a nursing pillow.
  • Some of the pillows come with more sleeping options which can be helpful for pregnant women with sleeping difficulties.

Disadvantages Of Pregnancy Body Pillow

  • If your bed is too small to accommodate a body pillow, it is a disadvantage.
  • On a lighter note, there is a decent chance that your partner might find alternate sleeping arrangements if you become dependent on hugging your body pillow.
  • Check with your partner about the change of bed or room to sleep for a few months, since you may flip and shift the pillow in the night.
  • The non-removable cover of the pillow leaves it difficult to clean. Get a removable cover to improve your pregnancy body pillow experience.
  • Before spending the money on a pillow, you may find that the bulkiness of the pillow becoming an issue.
  • The crinkly material or fabric of the pillow might make too much noise which could disturb your sleep. Check before buying.
  • Price may be a factor. Larger pregnancy body pillows go up to $100 which might be expensive, considering the item will be used only for a short while.

Alternate Options

If you are not the person who would want a pregnancy body pillow during pregnancy, there are also other options to consider.

  • Wedge pillows shaped just like a wedge of cheese can give support to one portion of the body at a time. Slip it under your belly or tuck it against your back to feel good while sleeping.
  • Get creative and make your own full body support pregnancy pillow by putting together small pillows into one large pillow cover.
  • You can get correct hip alignment you when wedge two pillows behind your back and under your stomach.
  • A straight body pillow also gives good support and takes less space on your bed. It may not provide good back support but still gives support.
  • A warm compress could get you to sleep, although it is smaller and cheaper, it may not give complete support like a body pillow.
  • Fold a small pillow and place it in between your legs for support when you sleep.

There is no wrong or right way to use a body pillow. Do what works for you and your body.