Post Cesarean Section Care- Recovery Tips And Advice.

Not too long ago, the term Cesarean Section would strike fear into the heart’s of expecting mothers because of the number of risks involved with the surgery and not to mention the ghastly scar it leaves behind. Today, however, physicians give their patients the option to go through with natural delivery or chose a natural delivery. This may be due to the increase in celebrity trends or because women are having babies later in life and advanced maternal age comes into play when making the decision. Regardless of the increase of this type of delivery, one thing remains true, it is surgery and the body needs to recover and heal properly.

Cesarean Section Recovery Tips:
1. Rest as much as physically possible. If someone offers to watch the baby for an hour take them up on it. Do not try to play hostess, walk the dog, pay the bills and mow the lawn. Your only concern is you and baby! Conserve your strength for the both of you.

2. Do not lift anything heavier than your baby. This is not always possible if you have other small children, but if you were not lifting a certain weight while you were pregnant then don’t lift it now. You risk doing significant damage if your stitches rip open.

3. Do not climb stairs more than 2 or 3 times a day. If stairs are unavoidable in your case, try going up them backwards. It may look silly, but it is so much less painful.

4. Limit your social activities. Mornings are usually the time when your energy is at it’s peak so save social visits and appointments for mornings. Everyone wants to see you and the new baby, but your energy may be low. Don’t try to please anyone or feel guilty for taking care of yourself.

5. If your insides feel too jiggly that it becomes uncomfortable to move- wear a light support undergarment, Spanx or a Belly Band to help the excess movement. Some women actually become nauseous from the excessive movement. It is rumored that support undergarments hinder your muscles from strengthening back up, but doctors explain that this would be impossible to happen unless you were wearing a corset like garment.

6. Avoid bending over to pick items off the floor from a standing position. Not only will your equilibrium be off slightly, your core strength is so diminished that you may topple over as you stand back up.

7. Follow your doctor’s advice as afar as driving. In some cases you do not have an option and it can be challenging. Be careful not to exert yourself or make any sharp moves. Also, do not take any pain medicine before you drive because that can also impair your driving, making you a hazard to others.

Other Postpartum Care Tips:
Drink at least 8 glasses of water or more especially if you are breastfeeding.

Water is essential to healing from any surgery. It flushes out everything and aids in proper digestion.

Make sure you attempt bowel movements as they come. The cramping from gas and constipation can be excruciating for many women.

Eat as balanced a diet, something from each food group each day.

Stick to what the doctor prescribed for pain management.

If you develop a fever above 101F once or 100.4 F two times in four hours call a doctor. You could have an infection and it must be treated immediately.

Keep on schedule with hygiene. As long as your doctor has permitted it, showering daily helps you heal spiritually. Use the time to get to know your unpregnant body. It’s exciting to see those toes again!

Follow your doctor’s orders for cleaning your incision.