A Polish Mother Came Up With An Effective Vegan Diet To Cure Her Daughter’s Eczema

Ullenka tried various things including prescription steroids, but one day she noticed that the intensity of Maya’s eczema varied depending on whatever she ate, so she deiced to follow that avenue of thought and started off with a vegan diet. After switching to the raw plant diet, the eczema disappeared quickly.

Within a matter of 5 months, Maya’s eczema grew lesser and lesser and soon she didn’t have any scar to show that she once had eczema. She could see and feel her skin eczema for the very first time. Ullenka’s boys who had severe eczema from a young age, on their arms, legs, stomach, and back, did not have many flare-ups within a month after being on the diet. From being riddled with eczema severely, Maya only has the occasional mild eczema attacks since she started this diet.1

Being on the diet was difficult but not as hard as having eczema. Seeing how light it made her body feel, Ullenka decided to put her and husband on the diet too.

Getting creative with a raw vegan diet was one other challenge but they realized that there are so many ways to enjoy food without meat or dairy.2

But Ullenka always kept expanding their menu. Here is one day’s example:




Green smoothie usually with bananas, pineapples, greens and chia or flax seeds. It’s filling, hydrating and packed with energy.


A bowl of fruit, with favorites being mangoes, bananas, watermelon and papayas.


The only meal with cooked food, accompanied by a raw green salad. The meal includes pieces of apples, radishes, cucumbers, that are dipped in a sauce made with zucchini, tomatoes, and even sunflower seeds or for something more filling, a rice salad made with rice, some herbs, avocado, lettuce, and cucumbers.

Right now, the kids need carbs being growing children so their diet is filled with small portions of steamed vegetables, rice and even potatoes, as their mother carefully observes how their bodies react to it. Maya is now more onto raw vegetables in her diet, while Ullenka and her husband make recipes such as potatoes or rice noodles with steamed vegetables, vegetable sushi, vegan pumpkin curry with rice, and even Vietnamese style fresh spring salad rolls with mango dip.

This Polish family has now moved to Thailand, starting with living in a place which is bustling and inexpensive in cost of living. Having fresh raw plants as their staple food, they thought it would be more practical to live somewhere where fresh vegetables and fruits are easily available at cheaper prices. Starting with South-East Asia, they soon hope to travel the rest of the world.



Although they stick to their diet, even carrying containers of their own food, they do make a few exceptions to indulge in food outside of it, such as on festive occasions, weddings, plane-rides, or even the occasional craving or two for something non-raw or vegan.

The only issue with such a diet, usually only noticeable in the long-run is possible B12 deficiency, the need for appropriate essential animal proteins, omega-3 fatty acids from fish and seafood, lactose from milk and the like.

So although it works and has shown positive results for this family with an easier learning curve, it may or may not for everyone else.

Never know till you try right?

After almost a year since Ullenka’s family has been following this dietary regimen of primarily raw plant-based food, she wrote about a book about her experience and has even started a campaign called ‘The Fruit Cure Program’.

This is so others could know better than to believe everything doctors say and that nature could hold the ultimate key to stopping most of our ailments.