5 Non-Sexual Things That Can Increase Your Sex Appeal

There are many obvious ways to increase your sex appeal. Anybody can wear a strategically fitted dress, high heels and red lipstick to amp up their sex appeal. These are physical and very non-subtle ways to intentionally look sexy. But there are lots of other things that people do that can increase their sex appeal without trying too hard. Things that can affect our sex appeal don’t always have to be intentionally sexual in nature. Sex appeal often comes from the personality of a person, rather than their bodies and clothes. So, here is a list of non-sexual things that can increase the sex appeal of an individual.

1. Working Out Can Amp Up Your Appeal

Working out can really increase your sex-appeal and not because it helps you to be in shape. Physicality is not the reason, but rather it is so because it can increase your confidence level. Working out allows people to be more in charge of their bodies which

can affect their gait and body language. It allows people to be more confident in their skin. Also, happiness is a big bonus that people who exercise receive from the act. And what can be more attractive than a happy person? The sum total of all benefits make exercise a great way to increase our sex appeal.

2. Reading

Our brains are the biggest sexual organs that we have in our bodies. So, if you can stimulate that part of someone’s body, then you are definitely very sexy. Reading makes an individual smart and helps them to develop an insight that is both unique and interesting. That is the reason why well-read people happen to be stellar conversationalists. They can put forth interesting perspectives in conversations that come from knowledge and understanding that they have gathered over the years from reading. So, it is safe to say reading is one thing that can hike up both your knowledge and your sex appeal.

3. Smiling

People who wear their frowns upside down are attractive to both our eyes and souls. Nobody can argue otherwise about this quality. People who smile always send out positive vibes. And nobody wants to be around negative and grumpy people. Our lives are hard as it is, so we always get drawn to people who can ease our pain away. It is not that people who always smile have perfect lives. But its just that they choose to smile regardless of how sad lives may get. And people know that which is why they get attracted to people who smile a lot.

4. Genuinely Carefree Spirit

There are two kinds of people you can find in this world. One kind of people are ones who like to have fun and look carefree so that people think they are fun people, and another kind are

ones who have fun because they want to. People find the latter kind more attractive. The latter category of people are self-assured who don’t do things to seek validation. They do different things because they want to. People are inherently smart and observant by nature. Hence, they know the difference between these two kinds of people. So, obviously people find the latter kind more attractive over the former type.

5. People Who Can Hold Their Drinks Like A Boss

Social drinking has become a part of our social lives. We often go out with our friends and colleagues for drinking. But everybody wants to avoid that one person who has a habit of passing out after two drinks or create a big ruckus under the pretense of being drunk. Hence, people tend to find people who can hold their drinks attractive over the ones who can’t. People who know their capacity and when to stop give out an impression of maturity and self-control.

Thus, people who know how to have fun but also know when to stop seem incredibly sexy to others.

Sex appeal lies in more than just our bodies. Sex appeal can ooze out from all the aspects of our personalities.