7 Underrated Perks That Come With Aging

Start Celebrating Aging And Stop Dreading It

People dread aging. One of the biggest reasons that they do is perhaps because of a certain aesthetic that our society has built around looking young. And of course, industries have capitalized on our insecurities by marketing and manufacturing what are called “anti-aging” products. Sure, aging might not be the best thing happening to us as our bodies become a little more fragile and are more susceptible to damage but no one seems to talk about the perks that come with becoming older. No, we are not talking about the social security benefits. We are talking about the natural changes that take place when you age that you can show off and be proud of. It’s time we celebrate these changes so that people aren’t crapping their pants every year on their birthday dreading that fact that they are getting older and that there’s nothing that they can do to stop it.

1. “When I’m Wiser And I’m Older”

Your Wisdom Makes You The Go To Person During A Crisis

There’s a reason why people associate wisdom with age. When you’ve lived long enough, you tend to know what’s what. Don’t be surprised when people come up to you for guidance on how to handle a difficult situation. The large number of experiences you have had in life coupled with the patience you’ve acquired will make you an excellent go to person for most situations.

2. No More Identity Crisis

Your Sense Of Identity Is Concrete

All those years you spent trying to fit in and discover who you are have come to an end. You are no longer trying to please anybody nor will you in any way give into peer pressure. You know what you want and when you want it. You have become sure of your identity and have understood your core being.

3. Crystallized Intelligence

Older People Are Better At Putting Their Knowledge To Use

The theory of crystallized and fluid intelligence was suggested by the psychologist Cattell. Crystallized intelligence is the ability to use information that has already been learnt and experienced. Studies have found that this ability is higher in older adults relative to young adults. This means that the older you get, the better you will be at putting your knowledge to use.

4. You Are A Storehouse Of Stories

Grandparents Tell The Best Stories

When you’ve lived long enough, you have accumulated a lot of information that you love to share with friends and family. The stories you tell, fascinate youngsters as they reflect an era and time very different from their present environment. The subtle historical anecdotes in your stories tend to be very captivating. These are the stories that become a large part of the experience that you will share with your grandkids.

5. You Become More Emotionally Mature

: You Are At Peace With Yourself And The World Around You

As you get older, you learn how to control and express your emotions better. You have probably faced rejection, failure, disappointment and many other hardships that have helped you build a tough skin. You have reached a point where you have come to terms with conflicts that you might have had in the past. You have made peace with your environment and yourself which helps you lead a more content life.

6. You Get To Experience The Thrill Of Grandparenting

 Grandparenting Is Parenting Minus The Responsibility

Grandparenting is awesome. It’s like taking the best of parenting and getting rid of the boring responsibility. This is your chance to live a carefree, child like life and be absolutely adored for it. Your grandkids will want to hear your stories and will be fascinated with you in general. You get to spoil them and spend your vacations with them.

7. You Tend To Be More Spiritual

You Can Act As A Guide To Help People Figure Out Life

When you’re older, you have better understood the intricacies of life. You tend to have plenty of time to reflect on the life that you have lived and contemplate the choices you have made. You are more purposeful and can act as an adviser for many others who are still finding their way.