8 Perks Of Waiting To Have A Baby

Having a baby is an amazing experience, provided you are completely ready for it. Gone are the days when women after a certain age were expected to raise children. With their remarkable presence in every field, women now prefer to take their own time before bringing their little ones into the world. While there may be many raising eyebrows for this decision of yours, there are reasons why shouldn’t be bothered about them. Here’s why we think it is totally worth waiting to have a baby.

Perks Of Waiting To Have A Baby

1. You Are Equipped To Handle It

A year older and wiser as you get, you become psychologically and emotionally stronger. Given that motherhood comes with its own package of an emotional roller-coaster ride, right from pregnancy, you are equipped enough to handle it better. All thanks to those life experiences which made you stronger.


2. No Career Regrets

You would have had enough time figuring out exactly what to do and settling down well in your career. Even if not, you know that the reason was not your baby. Being well established at your workplace at this point of time gives you the perk of bargaining your hours, maternity leave plans, and better office arrangements. This makes being a working mom less challenging!

3. You Are Doing Well Financially

It is a well-known fact that raising a child requires a lot of money. With your career sorted, you would have paid off your education loans and credit card bills. You would have saved and planned well for the expenses to come. This makes you confident and secured. Affording expensive baby gadgets doesn’t scare you anymore.


4. You Have A Good Support System

Your parents are about to be retired or would have already retired by now. This forms a strong support system for you. Not only does it give your parents a lot of time with grandkids, but also gives you some relief to look up to someone when you are having a bad day. Also, by this time, most of your friends too would have had children. Their experiences and support come handy as well.

5. Stronger Relationship With Spouse

The decision of having a kid finally means you are happy with the person you have settled down. Having built a strong and meaningful relationship with your spouse over the years, you now know, how well you can handle this responsibility together. It is always better than having a kid hastily and realizing you ended up in a wrong relationship.


6. You Have Gathered Experiences

Not having a child till now has given you the liberty to laze around the weekends or catch up with your friends. Be it traveling solo, exploring places with your spouse, or skydiving with your besties, you have done it all. Even if you haven’t, traveling with kids is no less fun (we agree it’s a lot of running around, but it is worth it!)

7. You Have Enjoyed Your Pre-pregnancy Body

You know your body better and can recognize the slightest change happening within. Since pregnancy is a trail of unexplored changes, you will embrace the changes better.


8. Your Are More Laid Back

Your experiences and practice have made you patient. And, patience is the key to parenting after love and affection. Your wisdom and maturity help you take better decisions after the child is born.

Parenting is sacrifice, exhaustion, and no me-time, but is equally rewarding and undoubtedly joyous. And, you can only do it when you are willing and ready. Falling prey to societal pressures or the anticipation that your biological clock is ticking fast will only end up in repentance. Once you become a parent, there is no looking back; invest well in bracing yourself up for the wonderful journey.