6 Facts About People Who Cheat In Relationships

Even people in happy relationships cheat

Being cheated on in a relationship is an emotionally devastating thing to go through. Each person’s idea of cheating or betrayal is different, but the act itself brings about the same reaction in everyone. A betrayal is painful for anyone who has to suffer it. Most people are caught off guard when the cheating comes to light, and can take years to recover from the painful wounds. Others might be suffering in silence as they suspect something, and are completely broken when they come to know of what happened. Though each person who has cheated is different, here are some features that are commonly seen across people who cheat:

1. They Are In Happy Relationships

Cheating isn't just for those who are unhappy

Contrary to popular belief, those who cheat aren’t always unhappy in their relationships. A study conducted by Rutgers University found that 56 percent of the men that cheated reported being happy in their relationship, while 34 percent of the women who cheated reported being content with their partners. This isn’t to say that

every person who cheats has been happy in the relationship, but it can be surprising that people just cheat for the sake of it sometimes. Quite a lot of people that stray do it for the novelty of a new partner who can shake up a well formed and boring routine, but not because they are not happy with their partners.

2. Partners Might Become More “Frisky” When Cheating

There is a new sexual energy in people who cheat

If you think that your sex life has suddenly taken a new and exciting turn out of the blue without any push from you, it might be time to have a talk with them. Intimacy expert Mary Jo Rapini says that people who have started to stray from their relationship tend to become very sexually charged with their current partner or spouse. This is because the affair is new and exciting, and they feel the most comfortable sexually with the partners they love, so this new

sexual hyperactivity might show up in the relationship. If your partner’s behavior is drastically different, it might be a red flag.

3. Women Are More Likely To Cheat When Ovulating

affect how a woman sees another man

Though this fact might sound strange, it certainly is true. Women are more attracted to men who are not their partner when they are in the high fertility phase of their menstrual cycle, which is several days before and on the day of ovulation. Women feel the most attractive about themselves when their body is ready to make a baby, and when this is combined with their desire for other men, it might not work out well if they find themselves in the wrong situation with the wrong person.

4. Men Might Cheat To “Fix” Things

Men might fill an emotional void with an affair

Men are not the most emotional beings, and

tend to fix an emotional problem with an affair. This might seem counter productive, and it is, but in a man’s brain, he is able to gain something from a mistress, which leaves him room to leave things as they are with his wife. This requires no uncomfortable emotional confrontation with the wife and saves him the trouble of risking the marriage, which is not something he wants to do. Of course, an affair is putting a marriage at enormous risk, but a lot of men seem to think they can have it all and continue to do so anyway.

 5. People Cheat With Someone They Know

It isn't always strangers

Most often, people cheat with people they already know. We may have an idea that an affair is ignited because of a stranger, but in most cases, this isn’t true. One of the most common places for an affair to start is at the workplace, and it is found that 85 percent of

affairs start between co-workers. The second most likely person to cheat with is a friend, followed by a neighbor. This can be worse than a stranger for the ones affected by the infidelity because they end up being betrayed by 2 different parties.

6. Women Are More Likely To Cheat Emotionally

Emotional cheating can be worse than a physical affair

While men are more likely to have a sexual affair, women are more likely to have an emotional one and this can be worse than something physical. Emotional cheating can be as simple as exchanging messages every night, but the impact it leaves on the person can be lasting. An emotional affair causes the greatest damage in the relationship because the cheater has already checked out of the existing relationship in their head, and there can be no salvaging it in most cases.