5 Types Of People You MUST Avoid When Pregnant

Avoid these people to enjoy a carefree pregnancy.

What is and isn’t safe during pregnancy is a well-researched topic. Experts tell you to avoid some types of food, alcohol, and tobacco. Well, it is not just these things you need to avoid. You should avoid a few people too. Yes, you need to be cautious of a certain kind of people when you are pregnant. Because their behavior and approach sometimes make you feel terrible. Given the fact that pregnancy makes you vulnerable physically and mentally, you are more prone to get affected by their words and actions. Make a note of these people and gracefully avoid them so that you will have a carefree pregnancy.

Terrified Friends

 Stay away from people who instill fear in you.


Anyone will have a friend or a relative who is terrified of childbirth. And he or she is enough to spoil your mental strength. You will be definitely a little bit scared about your pregnancy. You don’t need anyone around you to fuel that fear to the next level. When you are in their company they keep on asking, “How will you bear the pain?”, “Do you want to go for a c-section?” Enough to instill fear in your mind, right? This also happens if your mother or mother-in-law is terrified of delivery. Even in the labor room, she may share her fear about your safety, which can drain your confidence.

Friends With Scary Birth Stories

Do not hear scary birth stories.


There will not be any dearth of scary birth stories when you wait for your bundle of joy. Even if you don’t want to hear them, you will run into such stories every time. They may come from a stranger or from a colleague. We bet you will have friends or family members who are specialized in this department. At any cost, stay away from them. A confident and brave mind is what you want for nine months. Anyone who is capable of denying you that, you shouldn’t concern yourself with. Well, do not miss an opportunity to listen to stories that can excite you about your pregnancy.

Folks Who Are Jealous

Sometimes jealous friends make it hard for you.


Many couples may have trouble getting pregnant. Those who still struggle to join the pregnancy club may feel jealous of your pregnancy. Not everyone. But there will be some who make it hard for you. If you are stopped from enjoying the pregnancy because of them, it is best to evade them. You may feel bad about leaving them when they go through a tough time. But remember, the well-being of the baby is your priority.

Folks Who Give Unnecessary Advice

 Avoid people who give you unnecessary advice and tips.


Wherever you go, you will be bombarded with pregnancy tips. Some from new mommies and some from other armchair specialists. What to eat, what not to eat, tips for a normal delivery and the list goes on. With never-ending pregnancy advice out there, you will be confused. Remember that every pregnancy is different. Your doctor is the right person to guide you and give you advice. Stick to that.

Friends Who Are Depressed

Hang around with people who are full of joy and excitement.


Agreed that you need to be there for your friends when they are depressed and shattered. But, not when you are pregnant. Because pregnancy is an emotional roller coaster ride for you. You will not be in good shape to support your friend. Moreover, his or her depression may be contagious. It is important to take care of your mind when you carry a new life in your body. Any fluctuation in your emotional or physical strength will have an impact on your little love. Do not be in the company of depressed people. Instead, hang around with people who are full of joy and excitement.

Cheerful and joyous mothers give birth to healthy babies. Hence, it is important to take care of your emotional state. Indulge in activities that can soothe you and stay away from people who resonate negative thoughts. Stay calm and relaxed as you wait for the arrival of your little one.