7 People Moms Will Hate After Giving Birth

As you embrace motherhood, you expect to be governed by only one emotion – love. With a cute little baby in your hand, you believe that you have become a saint-like avatar and you will never be able to hate anyone. But wait, soon you will realize that you were wrong.

You will end up hating a lot of people. As you start realizing the hard facts of motherhood, you tend to hate those who make things worse for you. Here we have a list of 7 people moms will hate after giving birth. Check out whether you agree with us.


Visitors Who Have A Cold

Your baby’s well being is your only concern. Even if the world goes upside down, you want to ensure that your baby stays safe. Then, how could you love someone with a cold or any other sickness visiting your baby? Chances are high that your baby will get those bacteria or virus if he/she is exposed to a sick person. Looking after a sick infant is an exhausting job. More than that, your kid’s illness is enough to make you sad and spoil your day.

Anyone Who Sleeps

Ah! Long hours of undisturbed sleep! You might be wondering what that is. It is natural for a sleep-deprived person to hate anyone who is lucky enough to get sound sleep. Well, most probably your husband tops the list. During midnight hours, when you get up for breastfeeding and diaper change, the only sound in your room might be that of your partner’s snoring. No one can blame you for disliking him for a second.


Your Mother Who Underestimates You

After childbirth, every new mom will have a newfound love toward their mothers. Because they realize the troubles their mothers went through to bring them into this world. Even though that remains true, it is also a fact that you will have a fight with your mother within a short period after delivery. It happens because your perfect mother will find endless faults with you. As a struggling mom who still needs time to come to terms with motherhood, you may not find your mother’s preaching and advice encouraging. You will just hate her for demotivating and discouraging you.

Your ‘Party-Animal’ Friend

This hatred comes from jealousy. You don’t have spare time to watch TV or listen to music. You are clueless about what is happening around the world. The things you are aware of right now are diaper, burping, feeding, bath, and sleeping. Meanwhile, your friend is out there partying. Your besties may not have time to sympathize with you. To make it worse, they visit you not to help you but to brag about their celebrations.


People With Too-Much Baby Knowledge

Experts everywhere, that’s what you will experience right after childbirth. You end up listening to ten different solutions to one babycare issue. Even those without babies will give their advice on breastfeeding, burping, and how to recover from a delivery. And they keep comparing you with other moms, which hurts you more. Well, you have all the right to hate them.

People Who Don’t Have Kids

The fact is that they don’t understand what you are going through. When you talk about tiring, sleepless nights, they are clueless. They are not bothered when you look exhausted all the time. And it is natural for them to get irritated when your baby cries for hours or when your house is untidy. Well, it is totally acceptable to hate them. Only those who have been in your shoes before can understand you. So ignore others.


Other Skinny Moms

Fighting with post-pregnancy weight? You may often tell people that it is not an easy task to shed those extra pounds. But then, you see those skinny moms everywhere, making it looks like losing weight was the easiest thing for them. Yes, she gives all other moms struggling with that extra weight a bad name. We can’t blame you if you have become jealous of those women who have bounced back faster.