6 People Foods You Can Give Your Cat

It does get difficult to eat in peace when you have a pair of hungry, prying cat eyes staring at your food. You usually go to another room or you just gently shove your cat away. But the love you feel for your pet often overpowers your selfishness, and you end up giving a bite or two of your food to your cat. Your kitty’s diet should consist entirely of nutritious cat food, but it is acceptable to give a bite of your food once in a while as long as it does not turn into a habit. You just need to make sure that what you give is safe for your cat to consume. Here is a list of the foods which are acceptable for you to give your cat.

1. Meat


Cats love eating meat and it’s actually good for them. They contain protein which promotes the health of their reproductive system, heart, and eyes. Any type of cooked meat is fine as long as you cook them properly without too much spice. Even though your cat can eat raw meat, it’s best to avoid it as it is hard to digest and can end up making your kitty sick. Do check the quality of the meat first as spoiled meat can cause health issues.

2. Fish


Fish is actually great for your cat. It contains plenty of omega-3 fatty acids that benefit your pet’s heart and kidneys. It also helps improve its vision but make sure the fish is cooked or it’s canned fish. Avoid giving it raw fish even if it is sushi. Always opt for fresh-water fish, such as salmon, mackerel, trout, and sardines as they are healthier than sea-water fish.

3. Whole Grains


You can give whole grains such as oats, barley, corn, polenta, couscous, and millet to your cat as long as you cook them well. If whole grains are not cooked well, your cat may have a hard time digesting them. If the grains are too big for your cat, you need to grind them before cooking.

4. Vegetables


Cats are not very fond of vegetables, which are packed with nutrients and fiber that are good for their health. Since they can’t taste sweet flavors, they are not fond of fruits too. You need to be a bit creative if you want to feed your cat vegetables. You can chop and mix cooked broccoli, cantaloupe, or asparagus or fresh cucumber with cat food or meat so that it doesn’t notice the difference.

5. Cheese


You may be under the impression that cats love dairy products, especially milk. Actually, many cats cannot handle dairy due to which you need to be careful about feeding them milk. You can feed your cat cheese if you want to, but you should be watchful about the amount you give it. Small amounts of cheese every now and then should be fine but wait for a day or two after giving your cat its first piece to make sure there are no digestive issues.

6. Eggs


Eggs are good for your kitten as they contain proteins. You must hard boil them though, and also make sure they are not spoiled. Giving raw eggs to your cat is very risky as it may cause health problems.

Never let your cat eat something you wouldn’t. You should also not let your cat eat nuts, grapes, raisins, onions, garlic, candy and chocolate. These foods may be harmless to humans, but they can be toxic or even lethal to your cat. Stick with what you know is completely safe. Experimenting with your cat’s food is never a good idea.