Considering Penis Enlargement? Get The Facts Right First!

In this fast-paced millennial world, feelings of anxiety are abundant. From jobs and families to exams and health – there’s always something or the other for us to worry about. In fact, many of us even feel a sense of personal dread when it comes to our own bodies. We start analyzing if our physical appearance lives up to our idea of perfection and any part of our body that doesn’t, is cause enough for us to shut down.

Which brings us to why it is so important for men to have a large sized penis.


A study involving 367 male military personnel with no one older than 40, concluded that those who were the most satisfied about their male genital self-image displayed better sexual functioning and much lower levels of sexual anxiety. The self-doubting ones who looked down on the appearance of their member mostly experienced high levels of image anxiety which gave rise to sexual functioning problems. 1 This explains why so many men turn to penis enhancement pills, supplements, and methods that even involve surgery in an attempt to practically build themselves a more majestic sexual organ. Because of the private, somewhat embarrassing nature of this problem, most men don’t like talking too much about it. This results in them making a decision based on many wrong assumptions about penis enlargement.

So without further ado, here are some facts about penis enlargement to make note of.


5 Penis Enlargement Facts Every Man Should Know

1. Short Or Large Is An Exaggeration

Studies state that the average self-reported length of the erect penis is 5.6 inches.

An average self-reported length of the erect penis is 5.6 inches. 2


Like any other subject, the topic of penis enlargement demands straight up facts. And nothing is more anti-fact than what the movies, photographs, or the internet tells you about “large 6 inch-ers.” A penis is, in fact, not even considered to be “small-sized” unless it’s shorter than 3 inches when erect. Knowing this fact is important because the 6-inch size is as good as a myth. Being aware of this can prevent so many men from feeling needlessly inadequate about themselves!

2. Surgery Won’t Give You A Larger Erection

Penoplasty will allow your organ hang at full-length when flaccid to give the illusion of greater length, but will not give you a larger erection.


Penis enlargement surgery (penoplasty) mostly involves getting rid of the elastic ligaments that make a limp penis retract towards the pubic bone after one loses an erection. This obviously results in the man’s organ hanging at full-length in its flaccid form, thus giving him an illusion that he’s gained a few inches in length. However, while this does considerably help in improving a man’s body image issues to make him more confident, one should know that it doesn’t mean he will automatically get a larger erection. The size of the erect penis will remain the same as it was before surgery unless a surgical procedure involving new tissue grafting is involved. This procedure, however, is not recommended by doctors unless the man has a “micropenis.”

3. Girth Enhancement Could Be Risky

Injecting fat cells into the penis can result in an increased risk of a lumpy penis, infection, and a loss of sensation.


Penoplasty often involves injecting the penis with fat cells from different parts of the body such as from the abdomen or the lower back and re-implanting these along the penile shaft. This is done to enhance the overall thickness of the member. While the results are satisfying and instant, the surgery does come with its own set of risks. Sometimes, the transplanted fat could turn lumpy, although this can be solved by massaging the tissue regularly. There could also be an increased risk of infection and loss of sensation, in addition to the penis turning out to be oddly shaped.

A safer alternative would be going for fillers that are otherwise used for cheek or jawline augmentation.


4. Surgery Isn’t Always Needed

Very often, men have perfectly normal-sized penises that function well and yet face self-image problems out of insecurity.

Studies show that in spite of women being sexually satisfied with their male partners’ member size, 45% of men still wished for a larger sized organ. 3


Just as women lose themselves in ideas of breast enhancement and labiaplasty, most of the times, penis size is only an exaggerated problem in the man’s head (quite literally!) and is as good as being non-existent. While a larger-sized penis may definitely help improve a man’s image of himself, it is completely unnecessary because he is already functioning perfectly fine without having to resort to surgery. The root of the problem here, therefore, is insecurity, not the size of the penis!

5. Therapy Over Surgery, Any Day

Surgery is not always the answer to a good sex life, and in many cases, therapy is more effective.

Sexperts have been screaming themselves hoarse over the years, that a surgically enhanced physical appearance is not a prerequisite for being a fantastic lover (if only sex and intimacy was as uncomplicated as that!) There is no need to sweat the big, small, thick, or thin stuff because there are other things that are far more important! There is no substitute for a true sense of understanding of what turns your partner on, affection, and respect. This, coupled with good personal hygiene and a fairly decent idea of the right positions for you and your partner could do wonders for your sex life.

Therefore, spend some money on a good sex therapist or a counselor instead of needlessly emptying out your savings accounts over penoplasty procedures. If at all you must go for penis enlargement, do your homework well. This would entail seeking intensive counseling and being open to holding a frank dialogue with an expert urologist – preferably one who is known for specializing in penile surgical operations.