7 Ways By Which Partner Yoga Strengthens Your Relationship

Partner yoga is a practice that allows you and your partner to relate to one another, while you assist each other in doing the poses. Doing yoga with your partner stretches the levels of trust between the two of you and strengthens your communication. Partner yoga can have a positive impact on your relationship that goes beyond the physical. Here are 7 ways in which it can bring you closer to your partner.

1. Enhances Physical And Emotional Support

Enhances Physical And Emotional Support

When you and your partner are completely engaged in the experience, you’re also dependent on each other to create the poses and maintain alignment, focus, and balance. This dependency results in strengthening your bond with your partner. You build a level of mutual trust that improves your communication and reduces the chances of conflict within your relationship.

2. Creates Shared Moments

Creates Shared Moments


Many people have misconceptions about partner yoga. Unlike partner dancing routines where the male leads and female follows, partner yoga is all about treating both partners as equals. Your and your partner’s sizes do not matter. What matters is the interaction of giving and receiving. When you are moving with your partner to create a pose, you’re placing your weight and your trust in your partner which allows you to share yourself in a unique way.

3. Teaches You To Let Go

Teaches You To Let Go

With hectic jobs and busy schedules, your day is filled with stress and tension. And sometimes, when you get back home in the evening, you tend to take out your frustration on your partner. Partner yoga is your opportunity to let go of all your stress and tensions and just completely be with yourself and your partner. You have nothing else to do but enjoy your partner’s company as you help each other with the poses.

4. Creates A
Bond Of Intimacy

Creates A Bond Of Intimacy

Partner yoga is also helpful in bringing you closer to your partner. Every relationship goes through its ups and downs. You and your partner need to work together to make the relationship a success. Partner yoga lets you be playful with each other and allows both of you to let go of any conscious and unconscious negative emotions. The whole point of partner yoga is to bring you close enough to your partner so that you share each other’s positive energies.

5. Improves Self-Awareness

Improves Self-Awareness

When you start trusting your partner, you also become more trustful of yourself. Partner yoga is a way of realizing how a relationship is always interdependent. When you put yourself in a vulnerable position and have to depend entirely on your partner, you build a deep trust with your partner and your own self. It

allows you to move away from a position of control and understand that you will be given all the support you need if you trust your partner.

6. Harnesses The Power Of Touch

Harnesses The Power Of Touch

Touch is also an integral part of partner yoga. Kinesthetic awareness and leverage increase your body’s ability to perform better and go more deeply into poses that would otherwise be difficult. The touch between you and your partner gives you a different level of awareness of both your body and that of your partner. This can create a deeper physical and mental understanding between the two of you.

7. Brings A Sense Of Balance

Brings A Sense Of Balance

Your relationship might depend on a give-receive policy but partner yoga blurs the giver-receiver boundaries. When you do yoga together, both partners are equally engaged. One partner is not considered stronger or

weaker than the other. The poses may require you to support your partner but the intent is to be there for each other as equals. This leveling of roles can bring a sense of balance within the relationship, making sure both of you treat each other with equality and respect.