7 Amazing Ways Papaya Benefits Your Health

Health Benefits Of Papaya

Papayas are one of those fruits people either love or hate. If you belong to that group of people who can’t stand papaya, then you don’t know what you’re missing out on. The vivid orange flesh is sweet and juicy, making it the ultimate summer fruit. But while people might be divided on the taste of papaya, there’s no denying it packs some impressive health benefits. These seven properties of papaya will benefit your entire body.

1. Helps Digest Protein

Papain Breaks Down Protein Molecules


Papaya contains an enzyme known as papain which is very important for our digestive health. When our body is unable to digest protein, it often converts it into fat. Protein indigestion can also lead to inflammation and diseases like arthritis. The papain enzyme on the other hand, helps break down protein into easily digestible molecules. This ensures all the protein you eat can be utilized by your body. It also prevents waste buildup in your body by cleansing out your digestive system.

2. Keeps Your Skin Young

It Exfoliates And Soothes Your Skin


While eating papaya often will also bring a glow to your skin, using it topically can get you immediate results. The papain enzyme in papayas helps loosen the bonds between dead skin cells and new ones. Applying a papaya face mask will gently exfoliate your skin and make it smoother. This also comes in useful if you have a sunburn. Papaya will soothe your inflamed skin and remove all the flaky bits, speeding up your skin’s recovery.

3. Reduces Symptoms Of Constipation

Adds Bulk To Your Stools


If you’re having a little trouble getting things moving in the bathroom, eat some papaya. Papaya contains insoluble fibers which are very important for healthy stools. Insoluble fibers pass through your body without getting digested. When they reach your intestines, they add bulk to your stools, making them easier to pass.

4. It Helps You Lose Weight

Reduces Your Calorie Count


Papayas aren’t just delicious, they’re also great for your waistline. Papayas are a very low in calories so you can eat them as a snack between meals or to satisfy your sweet tooth after. Papayas are also high in fibers which make you less hungry. One serving of papaya is enough to tide you over till your next meal. This will reduce your cravings and eliminate those calories that come from sneaky unhealthy snacking.

5. They’re Important For A Healthy Heart

Prevents Plaque Formation


The antioxidants in papaya can protect your heart from diseases. They keep blood vessels and heart walls intact and strong. Plaque buildup can line the walls of your arteries and put immense pressure on them. Papayas prevent blood cholesterol from getting oxidized and turning into plaque. They also contain important fibers which reduce your body’s bad (LDL) cholesterol level.

6. They Can Help In The Fight Against Cancer

Prevents And Shrinks Tumours


It isn’t just the fruit that is beneficial, papaya leaves are equally important. Researchers have found that drinking papaya leaf tea can slow down the growth of cancer cells and even shrink cancerous tumors. While papaya leaf extract was also effective in fighting cancer, the most dramatic results were seen with papaya leaf tea. You can buy papaya leaf tea from a store or make your own by partially drying the leaves and then brewing it in hot water.

7. Keeps Your Eyesight Sharp

Prevents Macular Degeneration


Papayas get their orange color from a compound known as beta-carotene. Beta-carotene once digested by your body, gets converted into vitamin A. Vitamin A prevents macular degeneration of the eye that often comes with old age. Macular degeneration is associated with blurry vision and cataracts. So eat plenty of papayas if you want your eyes to be as sharp as ever well into your eighties.