Pack These Yoga Poses for Your Journey

Pack These Yoga Poses for Your Journey - Sukhasana
Pack These Yoga Poses for Your Journey - Sukhasana

Travelling can be a cumbersome affair especially when you are travelling alone. Today some of us have jobs that require us to engage in long travels more often than we want to. Travelling by air or by the road for several hours continuously can be harmful to our bodies especially our backs and our necks as most travelling mediums require us to sit up straight.

Another factor that is worrisome is the fact that we are all spent and exhausted by the time we reach our destinations. We end up requiring several hours of rest or experience severe jet lag.Yoga is a magical fitness and relaxation program. Performing a few yoga exercises before or during your journey will go a long way in keeping you refreshed and relaxed during your journey and give you the energy to go about town when you reach your destination.


Sukhasana – Deep Exhaling While Sitting

This is very simple and very easy to perform and can be done by sitting in your seat cross legged. You start by closing your eyes and putting your hands to form a Namaste. Firstly you inhale deeply and while you exhale let out a sigh to let out any type of tension or worry you might be having. After a few minutes you can start breathing normally. The next step is to open your eyes and bring your hands to your sides’ one after the other. You need to keep your fingers facing up and watch your hand while you bring it to your side. The last step is to close your eyes and bring your hand back to the Namaste position. Sukhasana helps you breathe freely while you sit and helps you to relax through your journey.



Pack These Yoga Poses for Your Journey - Padadhirasana
Pack These Yoga Poses for Your Journey – Padadhirasana

Padadhirasana  – This is a very simple exercise and is literally a pose because it does not require any kind of movements. You need to sit cross legged with your arms tucked nicely under your armpits. You thumbs need to be pointing into your armpits. Now straighten your shoulders and tuck your chin in and breathe deeply and steadily for about 15 minutes. This is Padadhirasana. It is advisable to drink a glass of water or juice before you get into this position. Padadhirasana calm your mind so much that the thoughts are there in your mind but you do not feel the burden of them. This is a great yoga position for people who are travelling under stressful conditions.

Pack These Yoga Poses for Your Journey -  Marjaryasana  (Cat pose)
Pack These Yoga Poses for Your Journey – Marjaryasana (Cat pose)

Marjaryasana  (Cat pose) – This a short exercise lasting only about 20 breathes. In Marjaryasana you need to move forward to almost the end of your seat and place your feet under your hips paralleled. This means that your feet are going to be at the edge of your seat right under your hips where you are sitting. Next step is to place your hands on your thighs and roll your head up so that your shoulders and chest arch out. Inhale deeply while rolling your head up and exhale when you are coming back to a normal position. This exercise should be done only for about 20 breathes’. This position opens up your spine and makes your back feel comfortable against a hard seat. This pose also helps in releasing worry and stress.


Perform these three yoga positions while travelling in your car or in the plane and experience a relaxed and unstressed journey. The next time you travel, don’t forget to pack these yoga positions in your mind as your pack your clothes in your bag!