3 Organic Ways To Maintain A Healthy Brain

Have you ever heard of the saying that your body is your sacred temple? If you haven’t, it’s the truth! Treat your body as a sacred temple. That means put down the hamburgers or chicken nuggets, and rethink your habits. Yes, I know that you’re taught ever since you are a wee-little baby that as you get older, your brain begins to age as well and becomes less productive.

While it’s true that as you get older your temple begins to change and evolve, do you think that really means you become less productive? I am throwing the bluff card out here and saying no. If you begin to treat your temple as it was intended to be and maintain a healthy life-style, all will function as intended to – including your brain. Step number one to maintain a healthy brain? Let’s get into the organic way to maintain a healthy brain! Before we do so, I want you to ask yourself these four questions and ponder them periodically through-out this blog.

  • How do you treat your temple?
  • What healthy habits do you maintain
  • Are there any unhealthy habits you need to remove?
  • When are you going to start making the change in your life?

3 Organic Ways To Maintain A Healthy Brain

1. Meditate

The number one organic way to maintain a healthy brain? Meditate! I am sure you have heard this hundreds of times – if not, well here you go! Proper meditation rituals are one of the best – if not THE best – thing that you can do to treat your temple, brain and mind. The concept of meditation is rich in history where it has spread across thousands of years, cultures and continents. How does this help? Through relaxing your temple, brain and mind, it allows your brain to remove all focus, intentions while remaining still. As many philosophical teachers and spiritual gurus have said, stillness is where everything resides.

2. Exercise, Exercise, EXERCISE

You have heard of this method from your coworkers, family members and even conversations from strangers at the grocery store. Exercising is one of the BEST treatments for your temple and brain. Through simple cardiovascular exercises, you are promoting an easier and more fluid flow of blood and energy within your body. If you are having issues making it to a gym, find alternatives routes such as taking a 15 minute walk outside, going for a jog in the park or even getting a bicycle. All of these ideas will provide immense benefit and betterment to your brain and its functionality.


3. Positive Being, Positive Life

This is not a cliché type of thing. I am not talking surface positivity where you are saying all these positive sayings but on the inside you have negative or pessimistic thoughts and beliefs. No-no, I am talking about being a positive-being – you live, breathe and feel positivity each and every day. Through building a healthy routine, life-style and switching your perspective on things from a side of lack of money, materials or anything to an abundance all around you, your life and brain will change rapidly. The reality is, it’s much easier to be positive and happy than it is to be negative because feeling-good is your natural state of being! In addition to that, recently, there have been scientific studies that prove the benefit of a positive life and positive being on your temple and brain – the results would stun you. For an example, check out the power of positivity experiment on YouTube by Dr. Wayne Dyer. It’s stunning, it’s amazing, it’s pure life.

As time progresses and technology follows, we learn more and more about the intricately woven design of our temples and the benefits of certain ways of life.


Please add a comment to share your story and experience with maintaining brain health organically.