7 Widely Held Oral Sex Myths Busted

These myths surrounding oral sex just aren't true.

Sex in itself is still taboo and can make people squeamish, so imagine how uncomfortable people can get if you start talking about oral sex. A majority of our society is still conservative and puritanical about sex, so when it comes to the more experimental and free forms of sex, there can be a lot of myths and untrue information surrounding the topic. After all, the more taboo something is, the more there is misinformation surrounding it. Some of the myths surrounding oral sex are obviously untrue, but some myths are almost accepted as facts, which only fuels more misinformation and ignorance. Though the topic seems taboo, almost everyone with an active and pleasurable sex life indulges in oral sex. Knowing the difference between a myth and a fact can help a lot of people free their mind and really get down to business without worrying. Below are some of the most common myths about oral sex busted:

1. It Isn’t Hygienic

A person who maintains basic hygiene is pretty clean

One of the most commonly held beliefs is that going down on someone just isn’t hygienic. How someone reacts to bodily fluids depends on who they are and they are entitled to how they feel, but hygiene doesn’t really need to be a concern if your partner showers at least once a day. Many women resort to douching to make their nether areas more hygienic during sex, but this is entirely unnecessary, and can actually throw off the pH balance and cause complications in women. A good shower is all the scrubbing the nether areas need to keep them in tiptop shape.

2. It’s Not Sex

This really depends from person to person

This is more of a grey area, as the answer really depends on the individual. What acts define sex changes from person to person, and has a lot to do with their value system. For some people, any sort of genital contact constitutes as sex, while for others, only penetration is what counts as sex. Technically, since oral sex involves the genitals, it is certainly a sexual act.

3. Swallowing Semen Is Harmful

Semen is not a harmful bodily fluid

As long as your partner is not infected with any sexually transmitted diseases, swallowing semen causes no harm to the body. Again, swallowing is an act that some people like and others don’t. For example, some people believe that swallowing increases the intimacy between partners. However, if you do choose to swallow, you can be sure that it isn’t detrimental to your health. Moreover, it also does not cause pregnancy (another myth), as the semen needs to reach the Fallopian tubes which are not located near the mouth.

4. Oral Sex Can’t Give You An Orgasm

Oral sex actually increases your chance of orgasm

This myth couldn’t be more false. In fact, oral sex actually increases your changes of having an orgasm during sex, especially for women. When it comes to penetrative sex, it can be really hard for a woman to reach orgasm because sex has both a physical and mental components to it. Foreplay, which includes oral sex, significantly increases the chances of orgasm because it targets and stimulates the clitoris, which is the easiest way for a woman to reach orgasm. A combination of oral and penetrative sex has worked really well for a lot of women. Men also report thoroughly enjoying oral sex and orgasming because of it.

5. He Might Pee

The penal valve does not let pee through when the penis is erect

A lot of women are afraid to indulge in oral sex because they aren’t sure if the man orgasms or pees in their mouth. This cannot happen though, as the valve in the penis only allows urine but not semen out when the penis is flaccid, and only allows semen to pass and not urine when the penis is erect. In this area, you are good to go.

6. Pineapples Make You Taste Better

Fruits don't make your nether regions taste fruity

A common myth is that pineapples help to make your bodily fluids taste better when consumed before sex, but this also isn’t true. There is no scientific backing that certain foods make us taste better down there. The fact that our diet can make a difference in how our fluids taste is certainly true though, but one particular food or meal has no bearing. It has to be a continuous effort in maintaining the right diet if you want to see lasting changes in how your bodily fluids taste.

7. Oral Sex Is Safe

Oral sex can still transmit STDs

A lot of people believe that STDs won’t be transmitted through oral sex, but this is a false notion. Diseases like herpes, HIV/AIDS, syphilis and gonorrhea can still be transmitted when having oral sex because the bodily fluids are still being exchanged. Use a condom or a dental guard to prevent any transmission and remember to practice safe sex even when you’re performing oral sex.