Why The Oldest Sibling Makes The Best Romantic Partner

The oldest sibling has some wonderful traits.

Our birth order can definitely have a say in how we are in our romantic relationships. Our relationship with our siblings sets the tone for how we choose our partners and what we believe we deserve, and each sibling has a different way of looking at life. One of the most famous theories on how birth order affects our entire personality was conceptualized by Alfred Adler. Recently, there have been many scientific studies that have also looked at the same, and found a few differences in birth order. The oldest sibling always takes on a lot of responsibility and tends to be more intelligent according to various research. Moreover, they tend to be more organised, dominant, conscientious and ambitious as individuals, and this might also be reflected in how they are in romantic relationships. Below are some reasons why an oldest sibling makes a great romantic partner.

1. Natural Leader

They had to become leaders to set the right example for their siblings

When an only child is suddenly “dethroned” once their sibling comes along, they find ways to adjust to the changes. It might be difficult at first because all the attention suddenly seems to be on the new person, but as they start understand their role as the older brother or sister, they tend to become leaders. They know that they have to set a good example for their sibling, and take care of them and help them when the time comes. They can become protective about their siblings too, and can also show their leadership skills in times of trouble, such as if their sibling isn’t treated well by their friends. This makes them caring individuals that are also natural leaders, and this attitude shows up in a relationship too.

2. Honest

They want to be honest with people to avoid miscommunication

An older sibling knows that they need to be honest with a sibling, because there is probably no one else around to be honest with them. They don’t always want to sugar coat a certain topic, and know that honesty is the only way to progress forward in certain situations. This makes them a great partner too, because this type of honesty is one of the founding pillars of a healthy relationship. It might seem too much truth sometimes, but an older sibling makes sure that there is no room for misunderstanding or miscommunication.

3. Dependable

They have a strong sense of responsibility

Because an older sibling has to take up responsibility at such a young age, they become very dependable human beings. They need to do things for themselves as well as help their siblings and parents when they’re with family, so they know what to do in various situations. They can be depended on if something important needs to done because they have been responsible from a young age. As a partner, you can trust that they will do what needs to be done.

4. Direct

They are direct in what they say

An older sibling has a no-nonsense attitude. They don’t want to beat around the bush or use a long winded explanation to avoid trouble, they will tell you everything like it is. Often, older siblings might have been blamed for something the younger siblings did, and only being direct helped in explaining the right situation to the parents. This means that as a partner, they might not sugar coat anything to avoid hurting your feelings. This isn’t a bad thing though because it can improve honesty and communication between both of you in the long run.

5. Self-Reliant

They know how to take care of themselves

While parents definitely do care for all children fiercely, the dynamics between siblings are different. An older sibling cares for and protects the younger siblings, but they aren’t always cared for like that by anyone else. This means that they have to largely rely on themselves to get what they need while also doing things for their siblings. If both parents are working, it is up to the older siblings to take care of everyone while also taking care of and delegating chores. They might be the ones to whip a meal up for the rest of their siblings, for example. They are highly self-reliant and independent, which can be excellent traits for a romantic partner.

6. Loyal

They are fiercely loyal to people they love

An older sibling loves everyone that comes after them, and even through fights or arguments, they make sure that they will always be there whenever needed. They feel a strong sense of loyalty towards their family. They will also be very loyal partners because their need to care and be there for someone they love never falters. As a partner, they will have the same sense of loyalty towards their partners as they have with their family.