Boy Or Girl? Get To Know From These Old Wives’ Tales

If you are pregnant and especially if it’s your first baby, the old wives’ tales about pregnancy would get you excited and make you wait in anticipation. Sometimes it might be true but you should not always totally rely on these symptoms to look for clues about your little one’s gender or personality.

Apart from getting excited and knowing things about your little baby in the womb, all you would want is a healthy pregnancy. These are some common fun pregnancy symptoms that would give a clue about your baby’s gender or personality.


9 Old Wives’ Tales For Gender Prediction

1. Carrying High? It’s A Girl

Is it getting too much now that everyone you see is commenting on how high you are carrying? If you feel that the baby is pressing your rib cage and into your lungs, that’s called carrying too high. Going by the good old wives’ tales, if you are carrying too high, it’s likely a girl and too low means a boy.

There is no scientific proof that this is true but it’s always a fun way to guess unless of course, you have not found out your baby’s gender yet by an ultrasound. And interestingly, each pregnancy is different and you may not carry the same way each time.


2. Uneven Breasts

One of the strangest pregnancy gender myths. But really a fun way to find out your baby’s gender. Have you been feeling a little uneven lately when you look at yourself in the mirror? While it is common for an increase in the cup size, uneven breasts – yeah, deal with it!

If your right breast is bigger than the left, you are carrying a boy. And what if your left breast is bigger? Of course, it’s a girl! a baby boy.


3. Whoa! Are You Getting Hairy?

Have you gone crazy looking for a better razor or a good wax service at your regular parlor? Pregnancy can do the unexpected! If you are surprised at the coarse hair growing too fast which was once light and slow means only one thing – It’s a boy, ladies. Hormones racing through your body should be blamed for the changes that you go through during pregnancy.

4. Belly Size Shows

Does it look like a watermelon or a basketball? If it’s more like a basketball the old wives’ tale says it’s a boy and watermelon-shaped means a girl!


5. Sugar And Spice Are So Nice

Craving for that midnight salty chips while everyone in the house is peacefully sleeping? Potato chips, salty pretzels, and popcorn – are you eating a lot of these lately? A boy is on the way.

While everything sugar and candy means only a girl! Ice cream, chocolates, and sweets are your midnight cravings, wait for a little girl to arrive.


6. Pimples Schimiples…

If you get acne during pregnancy, apparently it’s a girl. If you glow and have a sparkling skin, you are having a boy.

7. Lefty Or Righty?

Prefer to sleep on your left? If you do, it’s a boy for you. Right? – a girl’s in sight. But during pregnancy, it is always good to sleep on your left.


8. Morning Sickness Tells It All

Experiencing a lot of morning sickness in early pregnancy? Answering affirmative only means it’s a girl. Not a lot of morning sickness – a boy is coming your way.

9. Hairy Tales

Thinning and dull hair is making you go crazy? You are probably carrying a girl. If you are looking like Goldie locks with glossy, gorgeous hair, your boy is waiting to come out.