How Often You Should Wash–Everything!

True, that washing is not something everyone loves to do. Sadly, it is something everyone has to do. While some things require to be washed only once or twice a year, there are many others that need to be washed more often, and that includes your body parts. Find out how often you are supposed to wash all of them.


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1. Face


Every night and morning. It is necessary that you remove all traces of oil and dirt from your face before you go to bed. Wash your face again in the morning if you have oily skin.

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2. Limbs


Your arms and legs do not produce a lot of oil, so washing them daily with water while you shower might be enough to keep them clean, unless you have oily skin or feel very dirty. You can use soap every alternate day while you shower to wash your arms and legs.

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3. Armpits, Butt, Belly Button And Feet


These are the smelliest and often oily parts of your body. You have to wash these areas with soap while you shower each day. More so, if you have been out or used a public restroom.

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4. Groin


Clean your groin twice a day with warm water. Avoid using soap or use a dermatologist prescribed wash to keep the region extra clean. Pat dry the area with a towel to prevent infection.

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5. Hair


Limit shampooing your hair to once or twice a week if you have dry hair. If you have oily hair, not washing it more often could cause pimples and dandruff. Use diluted shampoo or baby shampoo in this case to wash your hair every alternate day.


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6. Underwear


Wash in warm water after every wear. You underwear is known to contain many germs on it owing to it close proximity to your private parts.

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7. Bras


Wash each bra after 2-3 wears. You should never wear the same bra for two days straight as it can damage its elasticity. Rotate 2 or 3 bras for a week and then wash all of them together at one go.

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8. Socks And Stockings


As socks and stockings tend to get sweaty and smelly, they should be washed after each wear.

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9. Swimwear And Sportswear


Swimwear should be washed after each wear as they tend to contain waterborne bacteria, especially when you have been to a public pool or the beach. Sportswear too should be washed after every wear owing to them getting sweaty and dirty.

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10. Jeans


Jeans need to be washed after every 5-6 wears. Some brands like Levi’s Strauss even recommend that you limit washing your jeans as much as possible, which means go on for a few months before you choose to wash them.


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11. Tops, Dresses, Leggings


These are clothing items that seldom dirty or sweaty and need to be washed only after 2 wears.

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12. Jackets


Jackets require to be washed after 5-6 wears as washing them frequently will damage their quality.

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13. Pajamas


Since you use your PJs only at nights, they can go up to 3-4 wears before they need to be washed.

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14. Purses


Studies show that the bottom of your purse may contain traces of E. Coli, thus making it necessary to clean it every week. You can machine wash your cloth bags and rub your vinyl bags with antibacterial wipes to keep them germ-free.

Household Items:

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15. Bed Sheets And Pillow Cases


Your bed sheets and pillow cases tend to carry a lot of unwanted components including hair, sweat, debris and germs. Make it a point to wash them once a week in hot water.

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16. Carpets


Your carpet needs to be cleaned at least once a year so as to remove all the dust and dirt it has accumulated from the floor, your feet, footwear and pets.

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17. Mattress


It is necessary that you clean your mattress every six months with the help of a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth.

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18. Oven


If your oven is not a self-cleaning one, then you will have to do it yourself every six months.

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19. Dishwasher


Your dishwasher will be the home for a host of fungi and black yeast. You can disinfect it by placing a cup filled with vinegar in it and running a full cycle with the hot water setting. Do this once a month to prevent numerous diseases.

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20. Sink


Your sink has to be cleaned and drained daily as it comes in contact with thousands of microbes every day.

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21. Personal Computers


Though you can’t exactly wash them, it is important that you wipe your computer screen and keyboard with wet cloth dipped in some rubbing alcohol. You can even use paint brushes to remove the dirt and dust from deep crevices. Do this whenever you feel like your PC needs a clean-up. Make sure your computer is plugged out when you do the cleaning.

These are not hard and fast cleaning rules as people’s body types, habits and hygiene preferences play a great role in deciding whether or when to wash or clean something. But you can use these as basic ground rules when you need to get some cleaning done.