7 Office-Space Tweaks That Will Make You More Productive

A large part of our population works in enclosed spaces. Office spaces can sometimes become suffocating for people and it can hamper their productivity. You need to have sufficient energy to get things done. You also need to feel upbeat to be able to meet deadlines and deliver on time. We can’t run away from our personal problems which would take a toll on our professional lives. But there is something we can do to feel tangibly energized every day. We can make our office spaces conducive for work by changing tiny things to make those spaces more personalized. This will give us a sense of energy and calm which we can channelize into our work. The below list contains a few tricks to make your cubicle more work friendly.

1. Discard The Unwanted

This is the first step towards achieving a productive workspace. You can start by discarding all the things that you haven’t used over a month. De-clutter your desk to make space for more important things. So, throw away everything that you don’t need. This is a very necessary change. De-cluttering your desk can help you to feel more sorted mentally. Small changes can often inspire big ideas.

2. Save The Necessary Things

You must separate the things you need from the things you don’t as you don’t want to throw away what is important. So, keep all the necessities safely like your mug, candle, notebook, pen, toys etc. After you have cleaned your workspace, you can arrange everything you need in a handy manner. Easy accessibility can help you to save time and think better.

3. Organize The Tiny Things

When we work in offices, we tend to use a bunch of small things like paper clips, erasers, Post-It notes etc. Generally, they all lie around on our desks in a messy manner and create an unproductive atmosphere. Thus, you can get a tiny tray for all these things and dump all of it in that. This will help you to find everything as and when you need them. And at the same time, your desk will look more organized.

4. File It Up

People always have stacks of papers lying around on their desks that can only add to their mess. So, you can pick a day of the week and implement a rule of stacking important papers in files on that day. This will create a weekly system of de-cluttering that will enable you to keep your workspace clean and organized. And when you need something important, you don’t have to turn the place upside down to find it because it will all be stacked neatly in the files.

5. Bullet Up Your Day

When we are neck deep in work, it is likely for us to miss out on somethings. That is why a bullet journal can come in handy. You can get one for yourself to be more organized. Before the start of the day, make a list of all the things that you need to do. This way you will be able to get everything done without missing out anything important. This will help you to be more professionally organized.

6. Plant Some Happiness

Keeping tiny plants on your desk can help you to get fresh oxygen and also positive energy. Plants can absorb the negative vibes from the surrounding and can purify the air. Hence, keeping a plant on your desk can stimulate you in a more positive way, both mentally and spiritually.

7. Put Something Positive On Display

This is another great way of uplifting one’s mood. Put out an uplifting message on your desk. You can seek inspiration and good vibes from it. It will help you to work harder toward your goal.

Make these tiny changes to make your workspace more productive, happy and conducive for creativity.