Can Oat Bran Help You Lose Weight?

Are you on a mission to lose weight? Eat oat bran, the outer layer of oats, which contains nutrients that aid weight loss.

Bran comes from whole grains, which is a “complete package” containing the bran, germ, and endosperm. The germ is the nutrient-rich core, while the endosperm is the starchy middle layer.


However, when refined grains are made, the bran and germ are removed. There goes all that nutrition! What’s left is the starchy endosperm, explaining why refined grains aren’t the healthiest.1

Oat bran can be eaten on its own. These days, you can find it by the bag, making it a tasty pantry staple. It can be prepared as a cereal, added to smoothies, or mixed into yogurt. Take your pick.


Most importantly, these three benefits of oat bran will help in your weight loss journey.

1. High Fiber Content

Fiber in oat bran reduces overeating.


Oat bran is best known for its fiber. In half a cup, you’ll get a whopping 7.25 grams!2 That’s already one-third of the daily recommendation.

Since fiber is digested slowly, it’ll keep you full for a while. This increases satiety and wards off hunger. As the day goes on, you’re likely to overeat.


Yet, fiber can do more than just control weight. It reduces blood cholesterol and protects you from heart disease. Fiber also regulates blood sugar, decreasing the risk for type 2 diabetes.

Despite these benefits, don’t eat too much fiber too soon. This can cause constipation, bloating, and digestive problems. Food rich in fiber should be consumed in moderation, along with plenty of water.3


2. Rich In Protein

Oat bran is rich in protein

Eating oat bran will boost your protein intake. Half a cup offers 8.13 grams, while the same amount of regular oats has 5.33 grams.4 5 That small difference can help you reach the daily recommendation of 46 grams per day.


Like fiber, protein enhances satiety. This makes oat bran an excellent option for a healthy, filling breakfast. It might be just what you need for weight loss and management.6

Plus, plant proteins are linked to a lower risk of heart disease and death. Animal proteins, on the other hand, have the opposite effect. To reap the benefits, get most of your protein from plants like oat bran.7


3. No Added Sugar

Oat bran is free of added sugar

Unlike packets of instant oatmeal, oat bran doesn’t have added sugar. Americans already get 22 teaspoons, or 88 grams, each day. This brings in an extra 350 calories, which is totally unnecessary.

Oat bran’s natural sugar content is already very low. One half cup only has 0.68 grams, while a packet of instant cinnamon and spice oatmeal only  has 11.40 grams.8 9

Sugar will stand in the way of your weight loss goals. To avoid eating more than you need, opt for oat bran instead of processed oatmeal.

If you eat oat bran, don’t give up the whole grains. Both foods will enhance the quality of your diet. To mix things up, give oat bran flour a try.