Nourish Your Mind And Spirit – Meditation For Healing

meditation for healing
Nourish Your Mind And Spirit With Meditation

Meditation For Healing

Feeding Your Divine Self

Self-confidence, high energy, deep rest, a peaceful mind, enhanced communication, creativity and happiness. We all desire to have these things in our lives, but often in trying to attain them, we can miss the mark. How do we bring these gifts into our lives? Through the healing power of meditation.

“Prayer is when you talk to God, meditation is when you listen to God.”  –  Diana Robinson.


Meditation has been described as a form of communion with divinity. Whatever your religious or spiritual beliefs or progress, you can bring yourself closer to your own spiritual and emotional center.

You are a divine being with limitless potential and spiritual power, but it is very easy to forget that fact when the work-a-day world numbs your spirit, depresses your heart and dulls your mind. Meditation can not only bring about a reprieve, but it can also fortify you against the clamor and the frenzy of the world. And you don’t need to set aside a long block of time to take advantage of daily meditation.


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What Daily Meditation Can Do?

Instills Positive Attitude

Starting your day with a short, easy meditation session can bolster your attitude and make the day seem brighter. Still yourself for a moment and open your mind. Envision yourself breathing in sunshine and exhaling any lingering drowsiness. Engage in positive self-talk and smile. Keep smiling as you prepare for your day.


Makes You Mindful Of The Journey

A deep-breathing session in your car or on the bus as you commute can banish the frustrations and anger that overwhelm so many motorists. We often feel so rushed to get somewhere that we forget to take joy in the journey. Search for beauty in the things you see and hear as you travel.

Nourishes Your Soul

Bow your head for a moment over your lunch and express inner gratitude for the life, whether animal or vegetative, that was sacrificed to nurture your own. Remember that all life is precious, including your own. As you feed your body, don’t forget to feed your soul as well.


Helps Connect With Others More Deeply

Take a moment to really look at a friend, partner or child. Focus on their face and seek to see behind it to their spirit. Let your mind dwell for a time for all the reasons why you love them or recall a particularly fond memory. If they catch you staring or even if they don’t, tell them you love them.

Enhances Your Sense Of Gratitude

At the end of your day as you prepare to sleep, sit in quiet contemplation of your day. Relive the moments of joy or triumph and express gratitude for those moments. Recall something beautiful that you saw or heard or felt and commit it to memory.


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Connect, Realize, And Appreciate Life’s Blessings

Pray in whatever manner is comfortable to you, then sit quietly for a few moments with your mind open and quiet. Wait for any positive impressions, thoughts or emotions come to you. If you can, write them down and leave them beside your bed where you can read them upon waking.


Meditation is to our divine selves what food is to our bodies. We need it, we crave it and we should partake every day for optimal health.