7 Not-To-Dos When Sleep Training Your Baby

Putting your baby to sleep can be tricky. Some parents become clueless whether to sing to their munchkins or sway them to sleep. Others might wonder why their baby isn’t sleeping at the right time and getting up late at night. It takes time for babies to get accustomed to the concept of being active during daytime and sleeping at night. Sleep-training them with patience can help with establishing schedules for your baby to get used to. Here are 7 things to avoid when sleep training your little one.

1. Not Following A Sleep-Time Schedule

Make your baby get accustomed to sleeping at a particular time every day. In a few days, they will get used to the schedule and will feel sleepy around the same time. Sleep training not only helps the parents in managing the baby, it will create a routine for your little one, which they will stick to for a long time.


2. Putting Baby To Sleep In Distracting Surroundings

It is difficult to put a distracted baby to sleep. People talking around, toys playing sounds, bright lights, noise from television or phone could disturb them. They may be feeling sleepy, but will choose to be active and playful due to distracting surroundings. Avoid all distractions when putting them to sleep

3. Having Improper Room Conditions

Children fall asleep easily in a dark room where there is lesser noise. You may wonder that a nightlight will make them feel less scared. On the contrary, your baby will still be awake staring at the light and get distracted by it. Putting them to sleep in a darker room works better than keeping the lights on and making them sleep. make sure the curtains are drawn if it is day time.


4. Giving In When Baby Is Crying

Your child may cry many times to get your attention and you may give in to their tears and tantrums almost all the times. This is alright unless you are doing it constantly and your baby is refusing to sleep. Well, at some point, you need to be strict and put them to sleep. Moms, don’t always go soft—your baby might not sleep at the right time only to wake up at odd hours and get irritated.

5. Following Late Sleep Timings

Moms must avoid letting their babies sleep late at night. Late bedtimes can become a habit and make them feel fatigued and irritated the next morning. Putting your baby late to bed once or twice a month due to genuine reasons is alright—avoid it to become a daily routine.


6. Swaying Your Baby To Sleep

If you sway your baby every time to put them to sleep—you may be making them habitual of this motion induced sleeping. It is alright to do that a few times. However, you may notice that your baby wakes up soon after you put them to sleep in the crib or cry unceasingly if you don’t soothe them by swaying them to sleep.

7. Frequent Checking On Your Baby

It is natural for the mother to have a second look at the baby, ensuring that they are having a safe and sound sleep. Little noises like a creaking door or your footsteps could wake up your child and they may start crying the very next moment. You can check them once or twice during their sleep, but without disturbing them or making any noise.


Sleep training your baby isn’t an easy task. They become fussy, cry and demand attention if they are in no mood to sleep. It might take a while to adjust to these changes, but your baby will gradually start adapting to a sleeping pattern, which they will follow for a long time