9 Cosmetics That Aren’t Really Helpful

Some products are redundant and ineffective.

Advertisements promise us a better life if we can buy their products, and all of us probably believe them. We invest in all kinds of products so that we look and feel better, and make our lives more convenient, but are these products really that effective? Sometimes, products can actually be redundant and serve little to no purpose. This isn’t to say that they’re completely useless, but we can definitely find something that already exists that can serve the same purpose. Look out for these products the next time you go shopping, you might not actually need them:

  1. Dandruff Shampoos  Dandruff needs medicated shampoo

    When there is excess sebum production in our scalp, it gives rise to a fungus we call dandruff. This problem is actually a medical issue, and needs to be treated with something clinically effective. Shampoos that can claim that they help to get rid of dandruff don’t actually do so, and can make the scalp dry and itchy. Instead, you can opt for a medicated shampoo available at pharmacies, or if the problem persists for too long, consult a doctor for a prescription medicated shampoo.

  2. Facial Toner Cleansing soaps can be better for your skin.

    Toners have been advertised to completely and thoroughly clean your face, even after using cleansers because a cleanser might leave a small film of oil on your face. Moreover, different toners have different ingredients that contain a moisturizing or hydrating agent. However, a cleansing soap can be just as effective as a toner, plus soap doesn’t contain alcohol, doesn’t dry your skin, and also has a neutral pH level.

  3. Different Creams For Different Body Parts One products can moisturise your entire body

    At the cosmetics product aisle in a supermarket, we can find a special face moisturizer, a sole body moisturizer, and even something that’s specially made to keep your hands soft and plump. While a facial cream can have different ingredients to tackle different problems like wrinkles, blackheads and discoloration, a single product can keep your entire body moisturized. All lotions and moisturizers work in the same way, even if they’re different brands.

  4. Lip Balm Vaseline or beeswax work better than most balms.

    The array of lip balms available commercially can keep us wanting one of every kind: a fruity flavored one, or one that comes with a shine, or even the super medicated ones that repair our chapped lips. Though some balms are quite effective, most balms contain alcohol that can dry out your lips. They may work for a little while, but you’ll find yourself reaching for more lip balm through the day because your lips keep drying out. A better alternative is Vaseline or beeswax, as well as a drop of olive oil or coconut oil. These agents keep your lip protected and moisturized through the day.

  5. Split End Remedies Only a haircut can get rid of split ends.

    There are special shampoos designed just to help us fix our split ends, after which we can use tonics and serums to keep the repaired hair strong. However, all these products do is stick the split ends together for a while so it looks like they’re gone, but the damage remains. The only way to completely get rid of split ends is getting a haircut.

  6. Cellulite Cream An active and healthy lifestyle gets rid of cellulite.

    Even though we certainly want to believe that a cream can help to smoothen out cellulite in our body, the only thing that can actually get rid of it is exercise and a healthier diet. Moreover, getting massages can also help along with this because it stimulates blood circulation in the area. Creams can seem like they’re helping, but it is more for the visual effect on the surface, and only keeps it that way for a short amount of time.

  7. Shaving Cream Shaving gels are better than shaving creams.

    Shaving cream was initially designed to soften the hair follicles so that the razor slips easily over the skin. However, the introduction of shaving gels brought the added benefits of glycerol and moisturizing substances that also protect and soften the skin as you shave, making shaving creams less effective.

  8. Tissue Masks Tissue masks are helpful, but a simple cream can help too.

    Tissue masks are actually quite helpful, because they absorb oil and moisturize the skin before a big event. However, you can achieve the same result when you use a cream designed for the same purpose. There are many products available that moisturize better, and can also absorb oil for longer amounts of time than a tissue mask.

  9. Cuticle Oil Vaseline and natural oils work better than cuticle oil.

    This is an important and necessary part of any manicure, but cuticle oils aren’t completely effective. They can be absorbed and make our nail beds softer, but the effect disappears after a while. Products like cosmetic Vaseline or basic natural oils work much better because they keep the nail bed moisturized for a longer period.