Why You Should Never Ask Your Friends For Dating Advice

Seeking relationship advice is nothing new for many of us. We have friends who consider themselves dating experts. Even if we are doing okay in our relationship, we naturally tend to approach them to make sure our dating lives are great. And sometimes their advice may end up damaging our relationships. Have you ever experienced it? Do you think it is worth taking advice from someone else? Well, if you think it is okay, you should read this. Consider these points before you ask your friends for dating advice.

1. There Is No One-Size-Fits-All Advice

There Is No One-Size-Fits-All Advice


As you know, not every guy/girl is the same. You cannot expect every other person to behave in the same way. Your friend’s dating might have gone exactly the way he or she planned. But that does not mean that it will work for you. Your bestie may share most of your traits. However in reality, when it comes to relationships, you will have a different approach from your friend. There cannot be two identical relationships in the world. It varies depending on the type of people involved in it. Hence, there cannot be just one solution for all the problems.

2. They Make You Suspect Your Partner

They Make You Suspect Your Partner


Have your friends gone through a bad dating experience? If yes, then you should not seek their advice. They may see everything through the lens of suspicion. And this makes her or him adept at pointing out negative things in your relationships. If your dating partner says he/she is busy at the office, your friend may assume it as cheating with a colleague. Even if you don’t take their words seriously, over a period of time it may sow the seeds of suspicion in your mind, which ultimately spoils the relationship. Keep this in mind and take their advice with a grain of salt.

3. They Do Not Tell You The Truth

They May Not Tell You The Truth


Some friends are way too nice and they don’t want to hurt you by telling the truth. They may know your partner’s other dating plans. Being your confidants, they know how much it will hurt you. Thus, they will keep the truth away from you. Sometimes, they may feel that you deserve a much better person. But, looking at how hard you’ve fallen for the guy/girl, they keep mum. They will cheer you up and give you ideas to thrive in the relationship, even when they don’t want that to happen.

4. They Don’t Know Your Partner Well

They Don’t Know Your Partner Well


Remember, the person you need advice about is not someone your friend has dated. He or she is a different individual with a unique personality. Moreover, only you are aware of the intimate details of your relationships. You are the one who is living it and enjoying it. They have not spent time with the guy/girl the way you have done. You’re the one dating him/her. Then, how can they give you advice?

5. Your Jealous Friend May Give You Bad Ideas

Your Jealous Friend May Give You Bad Ideas


Do you expect your perpetually single friend to advice you on your dating? Bad choice! Your friends are probably not happy campers, what with being single and all. The one thing that makes him or her happy is seeing you remain single. So they may lecture you about how terrible your boyfriend or girlfriend is. They may plant ideas in your mind to make sure your partner gets stood up on a date night so you can have a late night party with them.

You are in control of your own life. Every decision in your life comes from your own analysis and experiences. Then, why are you not confident of taking a decision when it comes to dating? Your instincts are the best judge for matters of the heart. Believe that you are smart enough to make a decision. Happy dating!