NEMT: There’s Hope And Help

    Many times, it is difficult for those needing medical attention to make it to their doctor’s appointments on time or at all because of inconsistent transportation.

    Those especially vulnerable to missing appointments are the elderly and those with chronic conditions who live by themselves.


    Fortunately, there is hope for people who need help getting to and from doctor’s appointments.

    Besides relying on public transportation, taxis or, these days, even rideshare services, there are professional networks that help with your medical transportation needs.


    If you need help getting to medical appointments because you do not drive yourself or have no one near you to help, then you can find a ride to any medical center or even transportation to the hospital with an NEMT.1

    What Is NEMT?

    NEMT stands for NonEmergency Medical Transportation and is available in every state and most counties across the country. They provide ride services for those who cannot arrange transportation on their own to meet regular doctor’s appointments or other medical visits.


    NEMT provides regular – or situational – transportation for those who do not drive themselves or those who have special needs that make getting to and from medical appointments difficult.

    If you or someone you know is in a wheelchair or needs to be carefully transported on a gurney to stay safe, then NEMT is a perfect solution, as they have all of the necessary equipment to make transportation easy and comfortable.


    There are really no restrictions as to where they will take you. They can provide transportation to hospitals, medical centers, and even pharmacies. Any place you need to go to stay healthy, NEMT can probably take you there.

    NEMT is not designed for emergency situations. If you or someone you know needs medical attention immediately because of an accident or health complication, you need to contact emergency services as soon as possible.2


    Who Qualifies For NEMT?

    NEMT is generally reserved for those who cannot drive themselves or who are not healthy enough for public transportation. Each state may have different rules for those who may apply, so make sure you look into the NEMT services in your area.

    If you are unable to drive yourself and have no one else to help you, chances are that you will be accepted. Even if you can make alternative arrangements, such as public transportation, but have trouble keeping regular appointments because of delays or other factors, you should look into an NEMT near you to see if they will accept you.


    The NEMT services are designed to help people who have trouble helping themselves, so they want to accept you. So if you think that you need alternative transportation but aren’t sure whether you can find it or not, find an NEMT near you and talk to them.

    Finding An NEMT

    If you want to look into finding an NEMT near you or just want to do more research, there are several ways to find out more information.


    You can always try your local phone book. Although many people still receive one each year, these are falling by the wayside, so you may have trouble locating an NEMT in your area. You can also ask your doctor.

    Medical professionals have a lot of experience with other patients who have trouble finding reliable transportation, so it’s a good bet that they will know about reliable NEMT services that can help you make it to all of your appointments.

    Alternatively (and probably the best way) you can search the internet. Just type in your zip code and NEMT and you should get results that can help answer your questions quickly and without too much hassle. This will also provide you with the most up-to-date information.


    Unfortunately, there are some restrive policies that NEMT must follow that can hamper your attempts to find one.

    Two of the biggest limitations are the number of uses and the cost. Some NEMT services will limit you to the number of rides you can receive per week or per month, so if you have a lot of regular appointments, make sure the NEMT allows you to use their services as often as you need to.

    While many NEMT services can help you out with costs, some require a copay that can be restrictive to those on tight monthly budgets, so take the time to understand the payment requirements before agreeing on the services.

    NEMT service provides a great alternative to those who have regular medical appoints but have trouble making it to them on time.