Natural Remedies To Stop Bleeding

Bleeding can induce panic – when you don’t have a first aid around. Even if it is a minor cut or scrape, the blood starts clotting quickly. But, sometimes, the bleeding doesn’t stop. In that case, you can look for natural remedies readily available at home that can stop bleeding quickly. Here are top 10 natural remedies for the same.

1. Ice



The foremost and most common remedies to stop the bleeding is to use ice. Not only does it help in clotting, but it also acts as a pain reliever. When ice is applied on the would, it causes the arteries to constrict, reducing the bleeding. Ice also helps to treat swollen areas. It is advised not to apply it directly on the wound, instead wrap some ice cubes in a towel first, then use it.

2. Tea Bags



There is no specific type or brand of tea required to stop bleeding. Just grab a tea bag, moisten it with clean water, and apply it on the wound. Holding it there for around 10 minutes can stop the blood flow. Tea bags are also recommended to stop the bleeding in the mouth, especially after a tooth extraction or injury.

3. Ground Coffee Powder



Ground coffee powder aids in the clotting process. It is one of the oldest natural remedies to clot blood, which passed down the generations. There might be a risk of contamination of wounds, but you can still apply it on minor cuts and scrapes.

4. White Vinegar



The reason white vinegar helps in clotting blood is because of its astringent property. Vinegar helps the arteries to constrict and close off. Dip a cotton swab in white vinegar and apply it directly on the wound.It may sting a little in the beginning, but is effective in stopping the bleeding.

5. Goldenseal Root Powder



Goldenseal is one of the most powerful natural remedies to stop bleeding. It also has antiseptic properties and can be sprinkled directly on the wound. It soaks up the blood, stops the bleeding. This magic herb can be easily accessible from stores around you.

6. Turmeric



The healing property of turmeric is known for a long time. It not only helps to clot blood but also in fighting infections. Cover the wound with the turmeric completely, and leave it for few minutes. It is a natural healer and completely safe to use.

7. Black Pepper



It is completely agreeable that it stings more than the wound, but black pepper is worth it. There is some good reason it has been in use around since ages and falls under this list. You can use it after cleaning your wound – simply sprinkle it on the wound. However, if the bleeding isn’t stopping and you can’t take the pain, you can wash it clear.

8. Flour


Flour speeds up the clotting process. Sprinkle some on the wound and watch the blood dry up quickly. If you get a cut on a finger, stick it in a bowl of flour, and be glad to see the results.

9. Sugar


Sugar has antiseptic properties, and also helps in clotting of blood. Because of its crystalline nature, it also acts as an absorbent and dries up the blood. A spoonful of sugar would do the trick.

10. Cayenne Pepper


Like black pepper, cayenne pepper also does a similar job, and it stings lesser than black pepper. A powerful natural remedy to stop bleeding, it is also a great antiseptic and clots the bleeding wound quickly.

Before jumping to these remedies, it is necessary that you follow the first-aid by washing the wound with clean water. Apply steady pressure on the wound with a clean cloth for about 15 minutes, which is the usual time your body takes to clot the wound.