7 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Bruises Quickly At Home

Bruises are surely annoying to deal with. They can be quite painful and leave an obviously visible mark; most often, they also take really long to heal.

When you injure yourself or bleed internally under the skin, chances are you’ll get a bluish-purple coloration on that part of your body; that’s what we commonly call a bruise. The coloration is because your capillaries, or small blood vessels, have burst or broken, and the blood from there has been trapped by your skin.1


How soon a bruise heals is usually dependent on how badly you’ve injured yourself. When your injury is severe to the extent that you’re suffering from excruciating pain, it’s best to go to your doctor and get yourself checked. In cases where your bruise is a minor one, you might be able to take simple steps to reduce the swelling and pain and get the bruise to heal faster.

Here are 7 simple home remedies for minor bruises that aid in quick recovery.


7 Home Remedies For Healing Bruises Quickly

1. Use An Ice Pack

Get Rid Of Your Bruise Quickly With An Ice Pack

The best part about this remedy is that it works for bruises on any part of your body. An ice pack is easily available and is quite effective when your bruise is fresh.


If you don’t have an ice pack, take a few ice cubes, wrap them in a clean cloth, and use this as an ice pack. Ensure that you pick a cloth that’s thick enough to make the cold temperature bearable for you. Then, keep this ice pack on your bruise for about 15 minutes. Do this a few times on the day of bruising. The ice is said to narrow the blood vessels, preventing further leakage of blood and easing any pain and swelling you may have.

For best results, keep the bruised area away from anything that will increase swelling like hot showers, hot packs, and so on when the bruise is new.


2. Keep The Bruised Part Elevated

Keep Your Bruised Body Part Raised To Allow It To Heal Quickly

If you have a bruise in your arms or legs, a simple way to relieve it quickly is to keep the bruised part raised. You could stack a bunch of pillows and rest your bruised body part for a few hours. The elevation is said to help blood move back; this reduces the swelling and discoloration, giving relief.


3. Apply Diluted Vinegar On The Bruise

Apply Diluted Vinegar On Your Bruise To Aid Quick Healing

Although vinegar doesn’t smell great, it is said to work quite well as a remedy for bruises. Vinegar is said to improve blood flow, which allows the blood accumulated near the bruised area to dissipate, speeding recovery.


Simply add some vinegar to warm water and mix thoroughly. Then, apply this solution on the bruised skin to feel relief.

4. Massage The Bruise

Allow Your Bruise To Heal Quickly By Massaging It Gently


When you have a minor bruise, very gently massage the area. This is said to increase blood flow, reducing the pain and swelling caused by the bruise. However, if massaging your bruise is causing you more pain, stop massaging immediately and see your doctor.

5. Eat Pineapples

Eat Pineapples For Quick Bruise Healing

Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain, which reduces swelling and bruising.2 So, when you have a bruise that isn’t too severe, eat some pineapples.

6. Eat Parsley

Eat Parsley And Let Your Bruise Heal Quickly

When you have a vitamin K deficiency, your blood does not clot; this also often causes bruises. In such cases, it’s a good idea to add foods with vitamin K to your diet.

Eating parsley, which is abundant in vitamin K, prevents bruises and eases pain and swelling caused by them.3

You could also crush the leaves and spread them on the bruised area.

7. Apply Arnica Oil Or Gel On The Bruise

 For Fast Healing, Apply Arnica Oil Or Gel On Your Bruise

While arnica can be extremely toxic when consumed orally, it is amazingly beneficial for many severe skin conditions when applied externally. Apply arnica gel or oil on your bruise for relief from the pain and swelling.4

Try these amazing home remedies, and you’ll easily be able to reduce the time your bruises take to heal. If your bruise has lasted longer than 2 weeks or your pain becomes more severe, see your doctor at the earliest.