Natural Ways To Recharge Vitamin D Levels For Healthy Cell Growth, Joints And Sexual Health

Vitamin D is the most naturally available nutrient and also the most critical when it comes to vital body functions. It is essential for everything from healthy bone growth, modulation of cell growth, neuromuscular and nerve function, and reduction of inflammation.

Vitamin D deficiency can lead to obesity, achy bones, depression, psoriasis, etc. Learn why we suffer from deficiency and ways to recharge depleted sources of this key vitamin.

Facts About Vitamin D

Vitamin D – It’s True Moment in the Sun Is Now!


Our current vitamin of choice must surely go to vitamin D. There has been a flurry of media attention aimed at this vitamin, plus an array of scientific studies has shown a link between vitamin D deficiency and an increased risk of a few chronic diseases. Vitamin D increases bone strength by helping to maintain blood levels of calcium. But vitamin D is much more than calcium’s assistant.

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Getting Your Vitamin D Right


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Are you having trouble losing weight, waking up achy and/or having more aches during the day than normal, feeling weaker than usual? The best food sources with Vitamin D include mostly animal products. Getting your UVB rays through sun can help raise your levels. The UVB rays penetrate your skin (no sunscreen) and converts cutaneous 7-dehydrocholesterol to previtamin D3, which becomes Vitamin D3.

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5 Vital Facts About Vitamin D


Vitamin D deficiency may affect or create the conditions for impaired sleep, weight gain, increased appetite, acid reflux, gallstones, bloating, constipation, osteoporosis, anemia, autoimmune disease, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and more.

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RDA For Vitamin D Is Grossly Inadequate


A huge and growing amount of research has now shown that vitamin D deficiency is very common (at least 50% of the general population and 80% in

infants), and plays a major role in the development in many of the chronic degenerative diseases. In fact, vitamin D deficiency may be the most common medical condition in the world, and vitamin D supplementation may be the most cost effective strategy in improving health, reducing disease, and living longer.

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Deficiency Of Vitamin D

Are You Vitamin D Deficient?


Vitamin D deficiency is very common. It is very vital since it ensures that our heart, muscles, brain and lungs function well. Our body can make its own vitamin D from sunlight. You can also get this vitamin from supplements, and a very small amount comes from a few foods you eat, such as some fish, fish liver oils, egg yolks and in fortified dairy, cereals and grain products. Let’s have a look at the common causes for deficiency in Vitamin D.

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Is Vitamin D Deficiency The Cause Of Back And Joint Pain?


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Vitamin deficiency triggers a cascade of health problems. Vitamin D deficiency in particular causes headache, back pain and joint pain. Researchers have found an association between extremely low vitamin D levels and chronic, general pain that doesn’t respond to treatment.

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Is Vitamin D Deficiency Causing Acne Problems?


Vitamin D increases the absorption of calcium from the gut and due to the extreme acidity of our diets in this nation, we’ve already got too little calcium in our bones but too much in the rest of our tissues — therefore the body regulates the production of Vitamin D to compensate.

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Can Vitamin D Improve Male Sexual Performance?


New data from the University of Milan indicates that low levels of vitamin D can be a significant factor in leading to Erectile

Dysfunction, also known as ED. It is the inability to attain or maintain erection of the penis sufficient to permit satisfactory sexual intercourse.

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