Natural Ways For Men To Maintain Ideal Testosterone Levels

Natural Ways For Men To Maintain Ideal Testosterone Levels
Natural Ways For Men To Maintain Ideal Testosterone Levels

Why Is Testosterone So Important?

Testosterone hormones are very important in men. An ideal testosterone levels can aid the libido of a man for increased sexual urge and satisfaction and they are also very vital in muscle building for men and women.

Boosting of testosterone has always seemed like a very important priority to men for obvious reasons. In the pursuit of this aim, most people do more harm than good to their health. It is no news that testosterone level in men begin to decline at a certain age, mostly 30. The symptoms of this declination range from loss of sex drive to fatigue, depression or even erectile dysfunction.


Boosting testosterone naturally in men is a case of different stroke for different folks. A method works perfectly for someone, slowly on another person and doesn’t seem to work at all for some people.

The upside of most of these methods is the fact that they are very cost effective and so it doesn’t really hurt to try another method if one doesn’t work.


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Natural Activities That Boost Testosterone

Exercise, Exercise and Exercise!

According to a study in the USA at the Baylor University; it was observed that the testosterone level of 17 of 20 healthy men had an increase in testosterone level at its highest, 48 hours after weight lifting exercise.


Training generally, increases the level of testosterone and the harder the training, the higher the natural increase in testosterone levels. Exercises such as seated row with heavy weights, squats and bench presses should be encouraged from time to time.

But don’t overdo your workout routine as too much of it can increase your cortisol, the testosterone-lowering compound. So it is better to avoid long distance marathons and prolonged training sessions in the gym. Instead, get an hour or two of quality workouts daily.


Take Natural Supplements

Contrary to synthetic drugs and anabolic steroids, natural “herb” based supplements are equally effective but are much safer as it contains organic ingredients such as amino acids, ashwagandha, tribulus terrestris and many others.

If you do gym work, you definitely need natural-based anabolic supplements as it promote testosterone boosting benefits while reducing fatigue and can effectively elevate your energy levels.


Watching Sports Games

As funny as this may look, this is no guess work or hearsay; the assertion is based on a research from the University of Utah. In the research, it was reported that the testosterone level of a fan increases by an average of 20% after the match if the team won but unfortunately fell by an average of 20% if the team lost.

Consume Organic Fat

By the term organic fat, I am referring to omega 3 and monounsaturated fats mostly found in oily fish, peanuts or avocados. These fats help the body to preserve a healthy level of protein which is to be used in the production of testosterone. Studies have shown that majority of individuals who ate a monitored ration of these foods had a very high testosterone level.


Fresh Poultry Eggs

As obvious, I have previously stressed the importance of protein in the secretion of testosterone. Egg is a well-known and readily accessible source of protein and they are also loaded with testosterone-boosting substance like zinc. ‘’Good’’ cholesterol or healthy HDL is very important to the body in the process of manufacturing testosterone and it is present in eggs.

Adequate Rest

Sleeping is undoubtedly the best known form of resting. 7 hours a day should be the minimum for anybody who wants to live healthy. Sleeping affords the body time to repair worn-out tissues and replace damaged cells. Poor sleeping habit has the tendency to down testosterone by at least 30%.


Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Heavy consumption of alcohol increases cortisol levels (stress hormones) and also disrupts growth hormones. Studies have proved a drastic decline in testosterone of individuals studied for up to 24 hours after consumption.

Early Morning Sun

Funny enough, besides diet related means of boosting testosterone, this remains one of the most effective natural means. Exposing your skin to early morning sunlight for about 15-25 minutes has the tendency to raise your testosterone levels as high as 120%. However, the researchers also reported that this method could increase testosterone level as high as 200% if the genital skin was directly exposed to sunlight.

Low or No Sugar

The intake of sugar has the tendency or is known to reduce testosterone level to a ‘clinically deficient’ level. Most especially, instant sugar foods like soft drinks etc. have been studied to cause at least 25% decline in testosterone levels.

The most dangerous part of this study is the fact that if the sugar level is habitually high, the hormonal cascade is damaged and the ability of your body to naturally secrete this hormones seizes or drastically declines.

For energy, more attention should be paid to carbohydrates with low-glycaemic and healthy fat, instead of sugar.

Zinc And Magnesium Based Food

If you have read this piece well, you will notice the link between reproductive health, zinc, magnesium and testosterone. Avoiding foods with zinc can decrease testosterone levels up to 50% over a long period of time. The best way to be sure of zinc level in the blood is to go for red-blood cell {zinc} test.

However, unless prescribed for you by doctor in its right proportion, zinc supplements should be used with caution, because they can be very toxic.

Magnesium on its own part is a reducing agent and it serves as antioxidant in the body system and also decreases inflammation. This allows the body to produce required level of IGF-1A and testosterone. Magnesium can be found in nuts but a moderate dose of the supplements will not do any harm.

Additional Tips

Foods that are known to increase testosterone level include; vegetable foods with high zinc contents (e.g spinach and chard), Scoff Cabbages (they contain indole-3-carbinol {IC3} a phytochemical known to decrease oestrogen), seeds (the ones that contain monounsaturated fat and protein), fresh fish like Salmon which is rich in omega 3 also serves as a good testosterone booster. It is also advised to stay off fizzy drinks or processed meats.

What To Avoid

The major mistake made by most people is turning to the ‘’black market’’ for hormone boosting synthetic drugs or other inorganic means such as anabolic steroids. It has been medically proven time and again that a good number of this synthetic drugs do more harm than good when consumed or a while after consumption.

The reactions men experience from the use of these quick means of boosting testosterone include; pile, zero oestrogen level, excess testosterone, dizziness, erectile dysfunction, among other short-term and long-term reactions of this drugs.

Remember, the effects of too much testosterone in the body ranges from shriveled testicle, to shrinking belly and low level is also said to cause sleep apnea. Fat people have also been observed to have lower level compared to slim men. Although this is medically unfound, it is likely due to diet with heavy oestrogen content.


All of the natural methods discussed above if observed are very practical to the common man and have the tendency to give desired result when compared with synthetic drugs, sedatives or additives used in boosting testosterone.

It is also worthy of note that the level of testosterone cannot be accurately measured from one test and therefore test should be retaken before any drastic conclusion is made.

However, the natural methods of boosting testosterone remain the best in terms of effectiveness and long-term health implications.