Natural Remedies To Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Natural Remedies To Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is difficult to deal with – no matter how old you are. It’s not only embarrassing, but it can harm intimate relationships! After all, sex is a normal part of life.

Sure, there’s always prescription medication, but there’s also the risk of side effects. So, you might be looking for more natural erectile dysfunction treatments, and rightfully so.


To tackle the problem, focus on lifestyle, diet, and therapies. Here are the top 13 home remedies for finally curing sexual dysfunction.


Lifestyle Changes To Cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally

  • Drink Less Alcohol

    It’s no secret that booze can mess with the body. But it can disrupt your sex life, too. Chronic alcohol intake leads to high blood pressure, a major cause of erectile dysfunction. It will also up your risk for atherosclerosis and heart disease, which won’t help the condition.1 Therefore, cutting back on drinks is one of the best natural cures for impotence.2

  • Quit Smoking

    Like alcohol, smoking cigarettes causes high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, and heart diseases. All of these factors will prevent healthy blood flow from reaching the penis. It’s another great reason to quit smoking, which will increase your chances of treating erectile dysfunction naturally.3

  •  Weight Control

    Being overweight or obese is another cause of erectile dysfunction. However, weight loss and exercise are proven natural remedies.4 Specifically, lower abdominal fat is linked to a lower incidence, so it helps to keep your weight in check.5 At the same time, you’ll reduce your risk for other complications like diabetes and heart diseases. This will knock off even more risk factors for impotence.

  •  Stress Management

    Erectile dysfunction can lead to stress, but it works both ways! Feeling anxious from outside stressors may cause the disorder. Examples include work responsibilities, personal problems, and conflicts with the partner. It’s a vicious cycle that needs to be approached from all angles.6

    For anxiety-induced dysfunction, the best natural remedy is stress management. Therapy may help to sort out unrelated problems. Taking time to enjoy hobbies, exercising, and getting enough sleep will also help.

Nutrients, Spices, And Herbs

ayurvedic medicine for erectile dysfunction

  • Zinc

    Zinc is a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction problems. It can boost your libido while increasing sperm count. To add more zinc to your diet, eat foods like crab meat and fortified breakfast cereal. However, oysters have the most zinc at 74 mg per serving.7 No wonder they’re called nature’s aphrodisiac!

  • Ginger

    Ginger can spice up more than your dishes. This inexpensive plant is also an aphrodisiac, making it an Ayurvedic treatment for erectile dysfunction. It’s an affordable alternative to medication, so why not make some ginger tea? Grated ginger can also perk up smoothies, salads, and pasta dishes.

  • Pomegranate Juice

    You might have heard that pomegranate represents fertility. This is because it can actually increase testosterone levels! It’s a natural treatment for erectile dysfunction that also works by improving mood problems. You’ll feel more inclined to get intimate, so drink up.8

  • Ashwagandha

    One of the best herbal remedies to treat erectile dysfunction is Ashwagandha root. According to Ayurveda, this powerful aphrodisiac can cure both male dysfunction and infertility. It balances the reproductive hormones, making sex a little easier. Ashwagandha can even increase sperm count by an impressive 167 percent.9

  •  Gingko Biloba

    If you’re taking antidepressants, dysfunction might be a side effect. Luckily, gingko biloba can treat it by boosting sexual desire and excitement, which includes the actual erection. Even the orgasm will improve, making it one of the best herbs for sexual problems.10

  •  Gokshura

    Gokshura is another herbal aphrodisiac. It’s been shown to increase testosterone, making sure hormone levels are within normal range. Sperm production and overall fertility are also enhanced with this natural Ayurvedic treatment.11


Yoga, Acupuncture For Erectile Dysfunction

  • Yoga

    If your dysfunction is caused by stress, try yoga. This ancient practice will ease anxiety, regardless of where it’s coming from. Plus, yoga will also benefit your blood pressure by lowering it.12 Together, these two factors can naturally cure erection problems.

  • Acupuncture

    As a type of ancient Chinese medicine, acupuncture is another amazing way to relieve stress. You’ll also gain a better sense of well-being, which can improve your confidence in bed. The positive benefits on the heart can also naturally help sexual dysfunction.13

  • Vajikarana

    For the best Ayurvedic treatment, try Vajikarana therapy for erectile dysfunction. This starts with shodhana (body cleansing) through vamana (emesis) and herbal treatments. Next, it continues with virechana (purgation) and swedana (sweating). This therapy gets the body’s equilibrium back on track and therefore, encourages healthy sexual function.

To start, choose one or two of these natural erectile dysfunction remedies. Be patient and willing to experiment with new treatments. With patience and time, you should be able to finally cure impotence naturally.