How To Treat Delayed Ejaculation With Natural Remedies

Delayed ejaculation is the inability to ejaculate. It might happen during intercourse or masturbation, with or without a partner. As you can imagine, it can stress a guy out! Luckily, instead of a pill, the condition can be treated with natural remedies. While normal ejaculation takes a few minutes, delayed ejaculation takes much longer, and in some cases, never happens!1 If this continues for 6 months, it can be officially diagnosed as delayed ejaculation.2

The causes of delayed ejaculation may be psychological, ranging from lack of attraction and cultural beliefs to fear of intimacy, pregnancy, or rejection. If a man prefers masturbation, intercourse might seem unappealing. Other times, the causes are physiological. Aging makes the penis less sensitive, which is likely from low testosterone. Medication, nerve damage, and prostate or testicular cancer can also delay ejaculation.3 4


Sex therapy is generally the first course of treatment. But if you want a boost naturally, try these 7 home remedies.

7 Home Remedies For Delayed Ejaculation

1. Saffron Relaxes The Body

Saffron, an aphrodisiac, can relax your body and help you enjoy the moment


To spice up your sex life, eat more saffron. This vibrant herb has an aphrodisiac compound called crocin.5 Eating saffron can thus relax the body and help you enjoy the moment.6

2. Ashwagandha Improves Libido

Ashwangandha improves libido and sexual performance


Ashwagandha is a highly respected Ayurvedic herb. Its root extract has been shown to improve libido, sexual performance, and erectile dysfunction. One study even found that it can treat fertility problems relating to sex.

If delayed ejaculation is caused by low testosterone, ashwagandha will help. The extract has testosterone-like effects, making it a top remedy.7


3. Curculigo Enhances Erections

Ashwangandha improves libido and sexual performance

Curculigo, or Kali Musli, is used as a “rejuvenator.” Animal studies have discovered that its extract enhances erections and reduces hesitation. The herb is even believed to increase attraction toward females, a possible method for promoting ejaculation.8


4. Chlorophytum Borivilianum Is A Viagra Alternative

Curculigo enhances erections and reduces any hesitation you might have

Ayurveda honors this ingredient, also known as white musli, as a natural sex tonic. It’s actually used as an alternative to Viagra, but doesn’t have any side effects. Indigenous Indian communities turn to this musli for all sexual disorders.9


5. Ginger Increases Testosterone Levels

Chlorophytum borivillianum is an alternative for viagra with no side effects

For extraordinary benefits, eat ordinary ginger. This zesty root increases testosterone levels and boosts sperm health. It’ll also relieve gas and constipation, so you can feel more comfortable in bed.10


6. Moringa Reduces Testosterone-Related Stress

Moringa helps with sexual enhancement by reduced stress related to testosterone

Sometimes, poor sexual function is caused by oxidative stress. But herbs like Moringa will save the day as it is a powerful antioxidant! It can lessen the way stress affects testosterone, making it useful for sexual enhancement.11

7. Ginseng Acts As An Aphrodisiac

Gingeng is an aphrodisiac that helps the body adapt to different stressors

Ginseng is a potent aphrodisiac in ancient Chinese medicine. The root works by increasing nitric oxide, the neurotransmitter that controls penile erection.12 It’s also an adaptogen and helps the body adjust to different stressors.13

Safety Notes

Are you taking prescription drugs? Check with your doctor before trying these remedies. It’s the best way to avoid dangerous drug-herb interactions. Remember, while these remedies seem promising, most related studies have only involved animals. More research is needed to determine the effect on humans. This is yet another reason to talk to your doctor before taking new herbs.

Treating delayed ejaculation takes time and patience. These remedies may help, but don’t forget about sex therapy. It often includes your partner, so make an effort to work together. Hopefully, with time, delayed ejaculation will be a thing of the past.