Top 5 Natural Remedies To Fix Aching Feet

Our feet are those parts of our body that carry us to places every day. A vital part of our bodies, our feet help us walk, run, work, and travel to places around the world. Of course, technology has made life easier for people with problems in their limbs as well, but for those who have healthy limbs also experience pain and stress from time to time.

We often do not care much about our feet until they start hurting. There have been several ointments and painkillers in the market to fix foot pain. Yoga also helps treat foot pain by practicing different postures. However, to treat foot pain easily, quickly, and effectively, it is always better to use home remedies. Natural, home remedies not only eliminate any possible side effects, but also, help one get rid of foot pain more quickly than practicing Yoga asanas every day. Yoga helps us treat our feet for the long-term, but if one practices yoga and also, follows any natural remedy, one will recover faster. Read below to find out the top five natural

remedies to treat foot pain quickly and effectively.

1. Hot-And-Cold-Water Therapy

(Use a bucket of hot and cold water each to dip the feet

The hot-and-cold-water therapy is an age-old practice that has been proving to fix aching feet effectively and in a short span of time. While the application of hot water promotes blood flow, cold water application reduces any kind of inflammation.

All you need to do in this easy, home treatment is get one bucket of cold water and bearable hot water each. Sit comfortably in a chair and dip your feet in the bearable hot water for three minutes at a stretch. Pull your feet out and do the same in the bucket of cold water for 10 seconds. Repeat the process two to three times at a stretch and end it by bathing the feet with cold water. Alternatively, you can apply a heat pad and then, an ice pack for 10 minutes to treat your aching feet.

2. Vinegar Bath

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Vinegar has been used to treat various foot ailments that arise due to straining of muscles and sprains because it has proved to reduce inflammatory conditions.

For vinegar bath, fill a tub with bearable hot water, add two tablespoons of vinegar in it, and mix sea salt or Epsom salt to it. If you do not have sea salt or Epsom salt, use table salt. Keep your feet soaked in this water for 20 minutes at a stretch. An alternate way to do this is by mixing vinegar and water in equal ratio in two containers. One container would contain cold water and the other will contain bearable hot water. Soak a towel in the hot mixture, squeeze it well, and wrap the towel around the aching foot. Keep the foot wrapped for 5 minutes and then, do the same with the cold water. This process must be repeated at least three or four times in

a day.

3. Epsom Salt Treatment

(Epsom salt dip is beneficial for foot pain.)

Epsom salt has proved to soothe aching feet and give instant relief from foot pain. Epsom salt is primarily magnesium and when combined with heat, it eases foot pain and relaxes the feet.

To use Epsom salt for foot pain effectively, put two or three tablespoons of it in a tub of warm water. Soak the feet in the water for 10 or 15 minutes at a stretch. Once you remove your feet, pat dry and apply a light moisturizer so that the salt does not make the feet dry.

4. Ice Therapy

(Ice therapy is done by using crushed ice in a plastic bag to relieve foot pain.)

Ice can be used to reduce pain and swelling on the feet. Although the cold temperature of ice will temporarily numb the ends of the nerves,

it will relieve the feet from pain and reduce swelling to a great extent. However, ice pack should not be applied for more than 10 minutes at a stretch as it could damage the nerves and the skin.

Take a small amount of ice and crush it. Put it in a small plastic bag and massage the affected area in a circular motion. Alternatively, you can use frozen vegetables wrapped in a thin towel.

5. Clove Oil Treatment

(Clove oil is beneficial for foot pain, joint pain, athlete's foot, etc

Clove oil has proved beneficial to treat different types of pains since the days of the inception of Ayurveda. Clove oil is very helpful to treat headache, joint pain, toothache, nail fungus, and also, athlete’s foot. It has been found to boost blood circulation as well.

Clove oil provides quick and effective relief from aching feet. It needs to be applied on the aching foot which needs to be gently massaged for five to 10 minutes. This

helps in stimulating blood flow and relaxes the muscles. This remedy can be used several times a day.

Note: If you have a cut or sensitive skin, dilute three drops of clove oil with one teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil or extra virgin coconut oil. This mixture should be applied for a gentle massage.

With these easy home remedies, relieve yourself from foot pain and stay happy for long.