Tips To Remember When You Plan A Natural Birth

If you are committed to having a natural birth and are concerned about the effect of pain management interventions on your baby’s health, just remember natural birth is an achievable goal. Natural birth is good for you and your baby. But delivering a baby completely drug-free isn’t easy and it needs a lot of preparation.

If you are planning to go ‘au naturel’, here are some tips to remember.


Pick The Right Practitioner

Finding the right practitioner is most important. When you know that your healthcare provider agrees to your plan, you have made the right choice. Look for a medical practitioner who is just as invested as you are in having your baby naturally. You don’t need a medical practitioner for the whole pregnancy who wouldn’t support your plan. If you have a doctor who goes toward medicated birth or C-sections, the whole idea of natural birth gets destroyed. Make the right choice by choosing the practitioner who would encourage you during labor.

Supportive Birth Environment Is Must

Decide whether you want a hospital setting for the birth or a home birth. It can be any small hospital with low epidural and C-section rates where the mom is encouraged to labor naturally. Natural birth at home is easier to achieve as there are no drugs available. It is all natural all the time. However, only healthy and no-complication pregnancies are appropriate for the home birth. A qualified practitioner or a midwife should only be chosen for home births. Being near a hospital in case of emergency is easier. So, do your research and find the right birthing environment for a natural birth.


Get Ready And Be Prepared

Understand that pain is inevitable in childbirth. Each one of us deals and experience pain in different ways. Coping with pain and getting ready to face it is the way to go. Talk to other moms who have given birth naturally or talk to your doctor or midwife to know more. When you are done with your research and discussed options, prepare yourself. Being prepared is half the battle won. Be prepared mentally and physically. Learn breathing techniques, relax, move, change positions, get a massage, listen to music, and meditation whatever it takes to sail through labor naturally.

Trust Your Body

Birthing is a natural process, it will be tiring and painful. Managing the pain is key. Believe in yourself and your body. It is wonderful that your body knows how to release the baby. You have to just trust your body.


Involve Your Birth Partner

Labor and delivery can be emotionally and physically draining. You have done your part of pregnancy by carrying your baby for nine months, your partner comes into play during labor. Do not forget to involve your birthing partner. Keep your birthing partner comfortable, hydrated, and well-rested to help you during labor. Your supportive partner is your best prop.

Spend Early Labor At Home

Try to spend the early hours of labor at home by moving around, getting in the tub, and walking. While you count your contractions and when it becomes consistently stronger, check with your doctor. Consider waiting at home as much as possible and do not rush to the hospital.


Do Not Quit

You will reach a point during labor when you don’t want to do it anymore. It mostly happens nearing the end of labor. Do not quit, unless the labor gets complicated. Take support form your birthing partner and focus on the end. You will soon get to hold your precious little one after all the hard work for the first time.

Do Not Starve

Eating a good meal before leaving home is a good idea. You need all the energy in pushing. Forget about you getting embarrassed that you might poop during pushing. Trust us, you will not care about anything at that point except to get your baby out.


Do Not Blame Yourself

You can labor drug-free even if it goes beyond 20 hours. There are many women who have done it successfully. But in spite of dreaming about having a natural birth, if you still cannot make it happen, do not feel bad about it. Do not blame yourself, it is not your mistake. If you end up with drugs or a C-section, remember it is all about birthing healthy baby/babies.