Natural Anti-Aging Tricks For A Beautiful Skin

As women, we do not want to age. Even though we may understand that aging is a natural, beautiful process, we all still feel that pang of sadness when we see a new wrinkle pop up.

While we do understand aging is a part of life, it does not mean we have to take it laying down when it is unnecessary.


Natural anti-aging tricks can be used by anyone of any age to help prevent premature wrinkles from popping up so we only age when we should, instead of when we should not.

Top 7 Anti-Aging Secrets

1. Wash Your Skin With Oil

If you balked at this, do not click away from the page. Although we all fight to eliminate unnecessary oils from our skin, washing dry skin with oil can actually help to rejuvenate it.


Natural oils contain something called linoleic acid. This acid helps your skin to retain water, which helps keep it healthy and springy, not dry and slack.

The most common oil to wash your skin with is olive oil, but it is always good to give it a little boost. Add in some carrot seed oil or frankincense to help boost elasticity or restore skin tone, respectively.


2. Cleanse With Honey

Honey is a known antibacterial powerhouse, and this helps your skin stay clear of acne and other blemishes. Honey also contains antioxidants and is affordable, making it a must for your skin care shopping list.

In order to use honey for your own skin, add a small amount of warm water to a tablespoon of honey. Mix the two liquids together and apply it to your skin. If you want to create an exfoliating wash, add some brown sugar to the mix.


3. Apply Papaya

Carotene, vitamin C, and papain are all essential minerals for skin health. Where can you get all of them at once? Papaya!

When you regularly apply papaya to your skin, you help to lighten it and reduce age spots. Papaya often opens pores as well, allowing for easier skin cleaning and softer skin.


All you have to do is take a piece of papaya and rub it against your face like you would a cotton ball – it is that simple!

4. Use Avocado

Know why avocado masks are all over your local grocery store’s skin care aisle? The reason is because avocados are truly skin warriors.


They contain natural fats and potassium that make them nature’s best moisturizer, and they are also great for treating skin conditions.

Do not buy a processed mask, though. Buy your own avocado and apply it directly to your face.


5. Try Acupressure

While the term “acupressure” may sound harrowing, the reality is that you can do it yourself these simple techniques without any hassle.

  1. First, take your index and middle fingers on one hand and massage the area between your eyebrows for 20 rotations.
  2. Then apply light pressure to your temples for 10 seconds, then move down to your jawbone joint for another 10 seconds.
  3. Finally, clench your teeth. Press against the muscle that protrudes for 5 to 10 seconds.

6. Detoxify With Juice Cleanse

Juice cleanses may sound like a fad diet, but the truth is that they are extremely important to detoxification.

When you drink juices made from fruits and vegetables filled with vitamins and nutrients, you help to make your skin brighter and softer. Drink juice for a week straight and you will see a major difference.

7. Consider Skin Superfoods

The most popular skin superfoods are almonds, dark chocolate, and blueberries – all of which are thankfully tasty and easy to eat.

Almonds contain essential vitamin E, dark chocolate’s cacao content gives you lots of antioxidants, and blueberries combine antioxidants with vitamin C.