7 Health Benefits Of Narra Leaves (Angsana)

Narra leaves have been medicinally important from ancient times in Asia. Narra tree is scientifically known as Pterocarpus indicus. People in Philippines call this tree as ‘narra’, whereas it is popularly known as ‘angsana’ in Indonesia and Malaysia. It is also known as rosewood, as its fragrance is very similar to that of rose. The wood of this tree is popularly used for making furniture.

The leaves of this tree are medicinally potent and have been in use for treating various ailments from centuries. People in different parts of Asia consume young leaves of this tree for nutrition. Apart from the leaves, the flowers of this tree are also used for extracting honey. There are many incredible health benefits associated with this tree, some of which are listed below.

1. Helps Manage Diabetes


Narra leaves have an amazing ability of controlling blood sugar levels. Some researches have been conducted with narra leaves that show positive results for diabetes patients. The extracts of the leaves successfully lowered the blood sugar levels for the diabetes patients.

2. Gets Rid Of Kidney Stones

 Kidney stones

Kidney stones are salt deposits found in different parts of the urinary system. These stones can be found in the kidneys or the urinary tract. These stones can occur in various shapes and sizes. The reason behind the genesis of these kidney stones are many. These kidney stones are generally made up of calcium. But, once it is formed, getting rid of it can become a big problem. Thankfully, narra leaves can help us with that. You can take around 3 grams of narra leaves and mix it with some cat whisker leaves and keiji leaves. Boil this mixture with 115 ml of water. Drink this concoction daily for eliminating your kidney stones.

3. Say Good-bye To Thrush And Diarrhea


Narra leaves have strong anti-microbial properties. Hence, it can help in curing diseases that are caused by various microbial infections. Thrush and diarrhea are two very common diseases that occur due to microbial infections. Older narra leaves can be boiled and that solution can be used for treating thrush. As for diarrhea, add a pinch of salt to the solution and drink that concoction.

4. Improves Immunity


Narra leaves are a medicinal gem due to the presence of an array of useful nutrients. Hence, consumption of these leaves can naturally boost our immunity. The useful contents of these leaves can help in providing an optimum environment inside the body for its healthy functioning. It targets and fixes the glitches inside while optimizing the good. Narra leaves can be taken as a food supplement for improving functioning of the immune system.

5. Soothes Menstrual Pain

 Soothes mentrual pain

Narra leaves have strong analgesic properties and can help in providing relief during periods. Menstrual cramps and the pain associated with it can be debilitating. But, narra leaves can provide relief from that pain. And, not just the pain, narra leaves can also help in curing other menstruation-related problems like heavy flow, missed periods and premenstrual syndrome.

6. Relieves Fevers


Narra leaves can cure fever. The leaves of narra tree have potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It is known for its ability to improve one’s immunity. Thus, owing to its several wonderful, clinically important properties, it has also been found useful in bringing down the body temperature. The narra leaves can be used to extract juice out of them. You can add a little bit of ground brown sugar to this to neutralize the bitterness. This juice should be consumed for curing fever.

7. Has Anti-Oncogenic Properties

Anti-oncogenic properties

Narra leaves have strong anti-inflammatory properties. Also, researches have found out that it can be helpful in providing protection against cancer. But, more studies need to be conducted to be more sure of this claim.

Narra leaves can help in providing overall health benefits. So, find some narra leaves and brew it to make some tea today.