Four Myths That Keep You Away From Great Abs

Abs are not just about the looks but your health as well

Who doesn’t like a healthy body? On our way to get that ideal body in our mind, we keep our own set of parameters. Each person’s fitness model looks different. But what’s usually common and the first thing that comes to mind is a pack of abs. “When will I see my abs?” is a question trainers around the world answer way too often.

Multiple beliefs and myths do the rounds about fitness, especially about abs. These probably stop or slow down your progress. So, let’s bust 4 common myths about abs and help you take a step ahead.

Myths About Abs That Halt Your Progress

1. Working Out More Chisels Abs Faster

Exercising more does not result in abs sooner

Unfortunately, the only thing an excess workout leaves you with is body ache and damaged muscles.1 Spending 2 hours in the gym instead of 1

hour doesn’t get you any closer to getting those sexy abs. What you need is a combination of good nutrition and targeted exercise to reduce the adipose tissue levels around the midriff and expose the abs. Further work is needed to give them that chiseled look. So don’t be in a hurry!

2. Eating Good Food Gives Good Abs

Eating excess healthy foods won't speed up your fitness journey

This is true only to a certain extent. The goal of a healthy diet is to give your body enough nutrients and calories to keep it working. Anything in excess settles down as body fat, especially around the abdomen.2

Contrary to popular belief, there is no proof that a Paleo diet or a Keto

diet can help develop abs faster. Some trainers do swear by them, but scientific evidence and research are scarce and inconclusive.

3. Doing The Same Workout Each Day Build Abs

Exercising the same way every day won't lead to abs

This is absolutely untrue. All muscles get used to exercising after a while. You hit a plateau of sorts from where it is very hard to move forward.

What you need is variety in your workout. Mix up your exercises, or even forms of exercise, through the week. This way, you will always be surprising your body and muscles. As a result, you improve their efficiency and get better results over time.

4. Abs Only Have Cosmetic Value

Abs help you lift weights and to maintain a good posture

This is, by far, the most notorious myth that prevents people from striving for abs at all ages. Abs are

not for young men and women to flaunt. Abs are not built to serve only as a point of physical attraction.

Core muscles, of which the abs are one component, are essential in maintaining your posture and spinal strength. They also help you lift weights, sit for long hours, and work on your feet – activities you do every single day – more efficiently and with minimal injury to the bones and joints.3

Stop asking when you’ll see the abs and start asking how you will know that your abs are strong. Visible yet or not, if they improve your overall body function, they’re probably there, working very hard on the inside. Which of these myths has stopped you from working harder for those coveted abs? May be it’s time to rethink your agenda and start working for a healthy body.